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    Are you all happy?

    I know this is a very strange subject. I am a comcast subscriber and am growing very tired of them and their lack of interest in their customers. I am still under contract for a while, but am keeping an eye on my other options once my contract is up. I have followed these forums for a while...
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    Recommended equipment

    For a new install with 2 rooms with hd TVs would you recommend getting a genie hd Dvr and a genie mini? Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!
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    American Airlines 25000 Mile offer

    Has anyone got Directv by using the 25000 mile offer? Do you actually go through directv or a 3rd party? Any good or bad experiences going this route? Thanks for any advice. Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!
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    Why pick satellite over cable?

    So, I am almost at the point of fed up with my current cable company and am starting to look at options to switch to. My 2 options would be D* and Comc. Why should I choose D over C? Thanks for any advice.
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    The 2nd year of a contract

    If I sign up for a 2 year contract with one of the current deals and I am paying $50.99 per month (without taxes), when it comes to the 2nd year and my bill would go up $24. Is there any way to get them to lower your bill or are you stuck with the $74.99 per month? Can you call and try get it...
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    Difference between HR34 and HR24

    Are the only differences between the HR24 and 34 that one has 5 tuners vs 2, and double the hard drive space?
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    Adding and dropping premium/extra channels

    Hi, If I sign up for Fox Soccer Plus, or one of the premiums liek HBO or the Sports Pack and next month I decide I don't want it, is there any charge to change your subscription? Then if 3 months after that I decide I want to sign up for another month, is there any charge for that? Basically...
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    Willow TV

    Hi, Has anyone subscribed to Willow TV? I had a few questions - I saw on the DirecTV website that I'd possibly need a 2nd dish for that channel - does anyone know if you need a 2nd dish or you can receive the channel on the standard dish? Also, is it available a la carte, if I have signed up...
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    Anyone have DirecTV, but use cable for internet and phone?

    Hi, I apologise if this is posted in the wrong place I am currently a cable subscriber but may be looking towards switching later in the year and I was wondering.... Does anyone have satellite for their tv provider, but uses a cable company for their internet and phone? If so, is this an easy...
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    HD Receiver on Std Def TV

    Sorry if this question has already been asked, but can you use an HD Receiver on a SD TV? I realise you wouldn't be able to watch the HD Channels, but if you wanted to have a whole home dvr, and have 1 HD TV and 1 SD TV could you do that? Thanks
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    Taxes on account

    Does Directv add on taxes to your bill? I am looking at a setup on the Directv website and the total is $53.95 per month. Would that be my bill total per month or are there additional taxes?
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    Install help

    I am considering getting a FTA setup - maybe going for the Mercury II off Sadoun and need some advice. I am not confident enough in my own capabilities, so am looking into getting some professional help, so I checked out and I got 5 results. I live in the IL western suburbs -...
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    Anyone got any good deals through Comcast?

    Has anyone got any deals through Comcast? I called to try see if they would offer me anything better than their normal rates to compare with my current cable rates, but had no luck. Has anyone else had luck?
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    International Channels

    How often does Directv add International Channels? Have any been added this year?
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    Any sites with installer ratings?

    I was just looking at which is a very helpful site. Is there any website out there that has installers for your specific area and perhaps some feedback or ratings on customers experiences etc? Does such a site exist?
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    Would I need 2 dishes?

    Would i need more than 1 dish if I wanted one international channel as well as one of the ala carte channels (Setanta) and HD? Also, what hardware setup would be best if I wanted to setup 3 tv's, one for HD DVR and the other 2 can just be a std receiver Thanks for any advice
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    Sports on FTA

    Has anyone by any chance found any rugby or cricket on any FTA channels? What other sports do people watch on FTA?
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    Advice on a good dish for C and Ku Band?

    I am trying to decide on a dish that could get me Ku and C band. I have looked at a few recievers and the Merc II looks like the most fun and would get me the best results. Can anyone advise me on a good dish to go along with that receiver and what else I would need for KU/C Band reception...
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    What is the strongest receiver/dish combo for receiving the most channels?

    What receiver/dish combo would receive the most channels in everyones experiences?
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    Is it possible to see any of these satellites?

    Intelsat 4 at 72.0°E Intelsat 7 at 68.5°E Intelsat 10 at 68.5°E Intelsat 902 at 62.0°E