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  1. mdog73

    Do we get a whole new setup every two years?

    I had a technician here last week to realign my satellite. And he told every two years they would replace all of my equipment for free. I have never heard this to be the case before. I've heard you have to call and haggle when your contract is up. The way he made it sound is that the equipment...
  2. mdog73

    Two cable required for DVR?

    I already have DVR and HD on my system. The DVR is in two rooms. Each of these rooms have 2 cables coming in to the sets. I am getting a new roommate and he would like a DVR in his room but there is only one cable in there. Can the DVR work on one cable or are two required? Same question...
  3. mdog73

    Directv DVR problems

    Recently my dvr has not been playing back programs fully. I start watching a program and after a while I get a black screen and it goes to regular tv. I try fast forwarding past that art but it still stops there. I'd say now it is occuring on about 1/3 of the programs I watch. Is this common...
  4. mdog73

    Comedy channel scheduled to come in HD any time soon?

    Not sure where to even look for upcoming stuff like this. Just curious.
  5. mdog73

    What's the best way to take advantage of new subscriber deals?

    My 2 year contract just ran out. It looks like new subscribers get better deals than current subscribers. Can I just cancel my service and resign up the next day to get one of the deals? or Can I even have them overlap so I don't miss any tv time? I'm interested in the HDDVR.
  6. mdog73

    Suggestions on a bedroom TV for Directv and Computer?

    Just got Direct tv hooked up in my house. Looking for a good Monitor or LCD TV to use in the bedroom with both a computer and the DVR. Doesn't need to be HD but 20 inches would be good. The livingroom has an HDTV with the h20. Any suggestions? I currently have a monitor with no speakers and...
  7. mdog73

    Watching DTV on a computer monitor?

    I'd like to watch DTV through my computer monitor. THe monitor I have now has no speakers so it would have to go though the computer to use the speakers. I'd be willing to buy a new LCD as long as I could use it mainly for compting but also for watching TV. Do the current crop of monitors...