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    Netflix and Dish

    I am unable to find the Netflix app on the Hopper. Where is it?
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    Tried to cancel

    I called DISH tonight with the intent to cancel. I have a free trial underway with Sling TV and was going to go with that plus OTA, Netflix and Hulu. They offerred me a $30 credit for 6 months. I said no. The agent put me on hold and came back with $45 for 10 months plus HBO and Cinemax free for...
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    Car radio issue

    We are no longer able see the program that is on each channel. In the spot where it is supposed to show the band and the song, it is blank. Anyone else having this issue?
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    Dish America

    I recently changed to the Dish America package. I thought the Dish America package included MLB network from the information I found on the Dish website. Is this incorrect?
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    Hopper timers

    I have a Hopper with 2 Joeys. So I have 3 timers. Right now I am recording 3 items. Somehow I am able to watch the football game as well. It is like I have a 4th timer. This just started today. What is happening?
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    fast forward issue

    When I fast forward the hopper skips forward several minutes after I hit play. It pretty much forces me to watch commercials. Has anyone else had this issue?
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    AT Top 250 promotion

    Do I have to call to get the refund or can I upgrade online?
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    PTAT issues

    About an hour into PTAT tonight the system just stopped taping. It did not record anything after 8 central. Did this happen to anyone else?
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    error code 05.

    We just tried to watch something from our DVR. It would not start and then we received an error code 05. What is that?
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    hopper off all day

    I sat down to turn on my TV earlier tonight and I noticed that my hopper was off. It had not recorded anything all day. I turned it on and it started working just fine. No one had been in the house all day. Any idea what happened?
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    DVR issue

    I taped some shows for my kids from channel 169. I then changed packages so I no longer have Now when I try to turn on those shows for my kids to watch it says I can't watch the DVR recordings because I am not subscribed to that channel. Is this correct? Past DVRs we have had...
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    new Hopper question

    I had the hopper installed an hour ago. I just noticed that on Primetimr AT screen where it shows what is being recorded it does not show CBS. However it is actually recording CBS. Anyone know why?
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    Dish America package

    Is there any way to sign up for the Dish America package and still receive my regional sports network?
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    What does DISH charge

    To come out and change the TVs in your house that are connected to the dish? I am going from 4 TVs to 2 and of course I want One TV from each receiver currently in use on the one receiver when I am done. Does the protection plan help with this?
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    Top 120

    If I subscribe to the top 120 along with the sports pack, do I still get MLB and NFL network along with my local fox sports?
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    Fox college sports

    Has Dish ever had this channel?
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    Game plan question

    I am currently checking out what ESPN3 offers through my XBOX. It looks like everything from GP is available to me for free on my XBOX. Why would ESPN give this away for free? What am I missing?
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    broadband connection

    Do I need anything other than a wifi adapter in order to connect my 722 to my wireless internet? Can I buy any adapter or do I have to buy the one Dish offers?
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    $17 charge question

    Ever since I signed up for my HD DVR, I am now charged $17 a month for my regular DVR. Is there any way to eliminate this charge? It seems absurd to be charged that much for a second DVR.