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    I've been snoozing a bit too much

    For some reason, I took a bit of a hiatus and haven't been active in the satellite scene for two months. What have I missed since October in the Dish world?
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    Praise the Lord! Another retrans agreement vanishes! (Also good news for Erie!)

    Praise the Lord! Dispatch agrees to a deal - and more! This Twitter message at the top of the pile is the best news for two markets since who knows when. It's a retweet from @10TV that reads: DISH Network/WBNS-10TV have come to an agreement that will bring HD to subscribers' homes on DISH...
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    Do you live or work in the Lima area? Do you receive channels via OTA?

    Can you explain if (like Wikipedia claims) all the LPTV Big Four stations still have analog or if they've cut to digital as the names of Dish channels would suggest? There aren't many sources for this.
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    Another broadcaster enters Chapter 11

    And surprisingly Dish has had recent dealings with them. Freedom Communications, OC Register Owner, To File For Bankruptcy: Report Freedom Communications is going into bankruptcy reorganization. Providence Equity Partners owns part of the company yet that private firm also owns Newport...
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    HD Tuesday Roundup: Schurz as the Sun Rising

    The word of the day at Dish: Schurz. After WDBJ sounded its trumpet, the Dish HD Tuesday took over, and it's going to start raining locals tomorrow: WSBT South Bend, IN KYTV and KSPR Springfield, MO Paired with WDBJ this means that Schurz will be removed from the retrans noticeboard with this...
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    HD Tuesday Roundup

    HD Tuesday Roundup: Sioux City, Rockford, and Quincy KTIV-HD Sioux City, Iowa and WREX-HD Rockford, Illinois are coming to Dish tomorrow. These are Quincy Newspapers stations, indicating that a retrans deal has been reached. Some stations still have to be added. KHQA-DT2 HD Quincy-Hannibal...
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    HD Tuesday Roundup: WPHL

    HD Tuesday Roundup: WPHL and KBTV WPHL was announced in HD for tomorrow. It was uplinked last week. KBTV, frequently appearing and disappearing on the satellites over the last few weeks, will be on (for good) tomorrow.
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    HD Tuesday roundup - Baton Rouge, Wichita Falls, and more

    1. KSWO HD tomorrow. This is also an indicator that other co-owned locals (KXXV, KWES, and KFDA chief among them) could be coming in HD soon. Drewry Communications owns all of these stations. 2. WBRZ is returning in SD and HD tomorrow, ending a yearlong retransmission consent dispute.
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    HD Tuesday Roundup: Panama City, KBAK, Eau Claire, and Wausau

    HD Tuesday came out: Panama City minus CBS tomorrow. Dothan's CBS serves Panama City, and Panama City's NBC serves Dothan - they are co-owned, however. Bakersfield: KBAK. KBFX HD can't be offered because it is cable-only (Class A LPTV in analog still and using KBAK 29-2 for digital SD only)...
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    Do you live in Eugene, Idaho Falls, Yakima, Boise, or Buffalo?

    If you do, you're getting a new HD local tomorrow! A Dish HD Tuesday went through Twitter earlier, and the announcements included KIDK, KVAL, KBCI, KIMA, and WKBW HD. Hallelujah!
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    I had to update the News Monitor four times today. First I had my original news items, then I added an item on WJPX, then one of my earlier stories updated, and then Chase Carey told everyone he's leaving and I had more TiVo news. With the DTV transition near, I'm likely to add more DTV...
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    If Charlie ran a TV station...

    (This is humor) What if Charlie Ergen ran a TV station? 1. It'd be on channel 22 branded as Catch-22. 2. It'd likely be called KERG-TV (get it? K-ERGen) 3. At various times, certain programs would be unavailable because Charlie wasn't talking with their syndicators. (RC disputes) 4...
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    EKB News Monitor Poll: How do you feel about split market signal importation?

    Congress Ready To OK Importing Signals - 2009-05-03 06:00:00 | Multichannel News The hot issue with cable in Congress right now is whether to let satellite companies (and possibly cable) import signals from other markets to so-called split markets. Split markets contain parts of two or more...
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    Panama City locals question

    I need this identified: is the lone WJHG digital subchannel offered CW or MyNetworkTV? WJHG has two digital subchannels and there's no info on which one Dish carries.
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    News Monitor Special: How does he do it?

    How do I do the News Monitor? It's actually a simple operation done in three applications. NetNewsWire is my RSS reader, which feeds me a frenzy of news items from not only the world of television but from the technology and video games industries and a mix of world, national, and local news...
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    If you need to reach the executive side of DirecTV...

    DirecTV: Reach DirecTV Executive Customer Service This site is one of the best. I pull bad customer service stories for the News Monitor (which is more Dish than DirecTV) from here. Thought it was worth posting.
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    Today, Inspiration Network will make a large leap of faith

    Inspiration Network - which has been on Cox Phoenix's digital cable system for a long time - has still only had 25 million homes to tap into. Today, that number will take a 124% rise as a double launch - which I cannot remember ever happening - on Dish and DirecTV - carries it to 56 million...
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    Important News for EKB Users

    As this has not been made public on DBSTalk and SatelliteGuys, I have some news about the EKB that might be received with a warm welcome. You no longer need to have in the URL! LER graciously gave the EKB some of his server space. All of our domain names still work, as does...
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    Newsflash for Fort Myers viewers: It's Retrans Consent Roulette, Waterman style

    DishTv may not carry Olympics in HD in SW Florida - DBSTalk.Com Now on the News Monitor too, but WBBH and Dish can't seem to reach an HD deal - and in Fort Myers, that's going to be a problem.
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    Ooh, shiny new News Monitor!

    I gave the News Monitor a nice relayout today. It features a Dreamweaver template, on top of which exists the news items, quick links, BRAND NEW blogroll and EKB links, etc. I tell you, this is the future of the News Monitor! Come and see our great new look (and our now-old 2008 archives!)