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    HD channels

    why cant we get American Heros channel in HD..? It is so little to ask for. when weve got all these shopping channels in HD. USELESS S--T
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    glitchy website

    why is has this site become so glitchy and slooooooooooow?
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    H23 up date

    on 12/2/10 my h23 received an update, but I can't find any info about it. is it the same as the hr23 update? thanks
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    new service address.

    I'm sure this has been discussed many times, but, how do you actually change your service address? do you do it online, or do you call? I want to get different locals without them coming to move me. thanks..
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    4x3 format

    I dont know what forum to address this, but maybe someone can enlignten me. Why do some local tv stations broadcast local content in 4x3 format when they supposedly broadcast in HD?
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    trees interference

    Will trees interfere with digital ota signal more so than the old analog signal? thanks
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    H23 up date

    I am currently on vacation down south and my H23's are off and unplugged. I have a suspension of service till I get back. If an update comes out during this time, there is one reportedly coming out soon, will my boxes automatically update when I turn them back on? Thanks for a great forum..
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    am21 sub channels

    will this receiver get the sub channels that many ota stations broadcast. thanks
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    will am 21 work with h23-700? thanks
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    local pixelation

    I live in Big Rapids, Ml I get four locals, all are good except my PBS station from Central Mich. Un. WCMU channne 27. I get extreme amounts of pixelation on this channel. Are they the cause? I didn't think it would be DTV because the others are fine. What can I do? Any body have any...
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    dish types

    Is there any threads that describe the progression of all the dish's that D* has had or has now? thanks
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    when all channels are HD

    Do you think when all channels are HD, that everyone will be automatically upgraded? Or willl there aways be channels that are not HD.
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    posting time

    maybe this is some where on this forum, can't locate. why when I post is the time 2 hours faster than the actual time?
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    changing service address

    I know service address issues have been discussed adnausium, but this pertains to my particular situation. I live in Big Rapids, Mi. I'm forced to receive the Traverse City locals. Requires 2 dishes (round) to get 72.5. My D comes from 101.5. I want to get the Grand Rapids locals. It requires...
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    HD, OTA ,no dvr

    :confused:I was thinking of upgrading to HD. but want an OTA capable HD box without DVR. Does DTV have a current box with HD and OTA HD. Do you know the model number. Thanks