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    Channel 434 (NESN) - Removed from America's Top 250

    I have spent the last 3+ hours chatting with Dish Network's reps. Here is the backstory: I had mutli-sport through the NFL season. Wife wanted to add Starz package so in order for it to be a wash i decided to remove multi-sport package and add Starz, leaving the bill exactly the same. After i...
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    Considering move from Dish. Help me with setup.

    Hello, I am considering a move to D* from E*. I dont know much if anything about D* setup, features, etc so Im hoping you can help me with setup and answer some questions I have, and also what to expect. Right now i have 3 HD, 1 SD, likely to add another SD (maybe in the long term, an HD to...
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    Long-time customer, adding new receivers

    I would like to get your thoughts on this issue. I am a current customer (about 8 years) and have been happy with Dish for the most part. Also I must note that since the beginning I have always been in the most expensive package, all movie channels, etc. So in short I would consider myself a...
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    how do you find what satellite your local channels are in?

    if there is no way to find out maybe some here knows? zip code 05401
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    Which Satellite(s) i should be connecting to?

    New poster here. I am fairly technical but very new in regards to dish/satellite technology. I have had dish for years and i have had an inkling to learn more because i want to try a few different things with setup, etc but just now found this site (3 weeks ago) and see there is a lot of...