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    HBO 50% Off For 6 Months

    I guess I'll find out sooner or later. I asked twice before I agreed and was assured by CSR that the $10 stays permanent unless I make the change and drop HBO from my subscription. Just to add I never before had HBO while with Dish except for the first 3 months when I signed up. For those...
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    HBO 50% Off For 6 Months

    Well, if I leave Dish HBO will be canceled automatically so I guess till I cancel HBO. Don't think I'll be canceling at this price unless I can't afford it... I guess I picked a good day to call as I haven't heard about it before.
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    HBO 50% Off For 6 Months

    Just called to add HBO for 50% off since the deal expires 7/31 according to the email I got from Dish. To my surprise I was asked if I would like to add it permanently at $10 till I cancel. Took the offer... :-) Looked at my account and it is listed as "HBO Special Price" $10.
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    Have to agree, it blows...
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    HR34 & C31 issues

    Disconnect your system from the home network (router) and reset everything. Post back if you still get white\black screens and other issues.
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    Best deal on New Customer?

    AM21 works fine with HR34, it will scan all local channels for you. You can also view channels on the C31 clients. Be careful when you order through D*, they might want to charge an extra $50 for total of $100 for being "new customer" with no billing history. I got mine from Solid Signal...
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    Do you reset your Genie every few days? Client becomes unresponsive at times

    If the client that is having issues is connected to TV using HDMI cable try replacing it with the component cable to test it. Worth a shot. Or wait for software upgrades.
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    HR34 Software Release v.05D4 12/21/12

    Not sure, maybe its me but it seems that after the new update things seem faster as far as controls. Especially the C31 clients, guide moves faster, etc.. but the HR34 seems improved a bit as well. I haven't rebooted the system at all after the upgrade and I noticed the improvement after a day...
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    From dish to direct - stick with dish

    Reason I waited before the switch from Dish till D* released the C31 clients. I have all of the DVR options in all 4 rooms. How did I know about the clients? I spent some time reading before switching on sites like this one. Everything else I got used to after using DVRT for about 3 weeks...
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    Installer coming tomorrow, will he provide RF modulators?

    Had this happen few times with one of my C31 clients. It was attached to the Westinghouse LCD in spare bedroom via HDMI cable. We couldn't figure out what the problem was, it would happen after few hours after reset. I picked up a component cable from the installer and replaced the HDMI...
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    New Construction and Direct TV

    You only really need a solid copper from the LNB to the switch to carry the power. I have a 8 year old clad RG6 Quad Shield and had H34 with 3 C31 clients installed, no issues at all as far a signal goes. One thing you need to make sure that you install 3GHZ connectors in the outlets. Had to...
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    Ordering AM21 tuner from D*

    That's where I found it, thanks!
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    Ordering AM21 tuner from D*

    Yep, Just noticed that on top.. What of bunch of crap... Maybe because I'm new.. way to treat a customer with perfect credit and on autopay. I guess I'll order one some place else for a similar price.
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    Ordering AM21 tuner from D*

    Plus $50 service fee when I try to checkout...
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    Ordering AM21 tuner from D*

    Is there a reason they want to charge me additional $50 service fee? What is up with that? I'll be installing that myself...
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    Genie client (c31?) won't power back up

    Well I think I have a winner, it's been about an hour and so far so good. I did get a new router but haven't used it yet. Instead I replaced Linksys firmware on my WRT320N with DD-WRT latest release and the issue went away after rebooting everything. After about 30 min I attached the second...
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    Genie client (c31?) won't power back up

    I guess I'll stop by the store on the way back today and pick up a new router, both my routers are about 3 years old...
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    Genie client (c31?) won't power back up

    Is the Auto IP showing up on the client or do you only see this on the router?
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    Genie client (c31?) won't power back up

    Gad it is working for you. I had nothing attached but the laptop over wireless (no apps or torrents running) and still no go.
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    Genie client (c31?) won't power back up

    My home network is also, the C31 under more info is showing 169.254.5.xx. The HR34 under advanced is showing for Link-Local and for server IP. Also, the C31 clients have assigned to them on the router but that info is not showing up on...