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    Online Account Access Outage?

    Yesterday I noticed that I couldn't watch on my Android phone. Not the end of the world but while trying to reconnect it, I kept getting errors saying I wasn't authorized. When I got home, I tried to access my account online and I was locked out. One call after another and one bogus temp...
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    Center Ice subs now include access to

    If you're a Center Ice subscriber, you can now get access to by creating an account and authorizing access via your DirecTV account. Enjoy!
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    An update on my move

    Here's an update on a couple of earlier posts where I asked about the wireless clients and "moving." I just moved into the new home in southern NJ and took advantage of the movers deal. Installer showed up right on time and installed the dish and ran the wires beautifully. You can barely see...
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    "Moving" online?

    I can't find a link anywhere to change my service address online. Do I have to call?
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    New hardware choices

    I'm moving in a couple of weeks and decided to treat myself to a new tv. Went for the 65" Samsung 4k which of course has DTV RVU built in. As part of the move I can get a genie upgrade with 3 wireless clients but I'm not sure what I want to do at this point since I have 4 HD DVRs now. So, the...
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    "Moving" after Moving

    I'll be moving to S. Jersey (Philly DMA) in a few weeks. Hate the idea of no RSN and no NYC locals. How soon can I "move" back without setting off any alarms?
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    Remote and Haier tv

    Just picked up a new 39" Haier LED tv. Everything works fine except I cannot get the DirecTV remote to work with this set. I realize this is not a big name set but DTV does have 4 codes to try and none of them work. The model number is LE39F2280. I can certainly live with two remotes but...
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    DirecTV Formally Asks For Access To Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia

    DirecTV Formally Asks For Access To Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia - 2010-06-25 15:29:14 | Multichannel News Should be interesting to see how far Comcast goes to fight this. They're still using Sunday Ticket as a diversion but right now it appears their only recourse is in the courts and I'm...
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    Here come the price increases And they can't afford Versus?
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    FCC seeking to close programming access loophole

    Looks like the FCC may finally grow a pair. At least there's some hope, finally. FCC seeking to close programming access loophole - Yahoo! News
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    HD Net now on BEV 814

    Must have been added sometime this morning.
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    Centre Ice Schedule

    Anyone seen one, yet? Nothing on BEV's site. I'm really interested in the HD games.
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    BEV Channel 424 NHL HD

    The other day I noticed this channel missing on my 6100. It was being used for HiDef Centre Ice feeds. Can anyone else confirm they took this one off? TIA, Bob
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    BEV Centre Ice HD

    It seems like the only RSN feeding CI with HD is Altitude Sports. Almost every game that's been on has been an Avs home game. They have two channels for HD CI games but they don't seem to be carrying very many. By contrast, there's a great deal of HD NFL. Does anyone have any info on when...
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    Possible HD for Centre Ice?

    BEV has two new channels NHLH1 and NHLH2 on channels 424 and 425. Hitting menu 6-1-1 brings up the dish aiming screen and highlights satellite 82. Can I dream that those are going to be high def channels for Centre Ice?
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    BEV 3100 - nothing from 198 to 426

    I bought a 3100 receiver about two years ago and have had no problems at all despite being in the "southern" province of New Jersey. A couple of weeks ago I added a 6100 and I love it. I get a very good signal on 82 and almost 100 on every transponder on 91. A few days ago however I lost all...