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    Perfect Vision or Commscope RG6 Quad question.

    I need 300' of RG6 Quad cable and this is what I have to choose from: Perfect Vision RG6-4 Quad Shield with Solid Copper Center Conductor, E232510. Commscope #5740 (Discontinued) RG6 Quad Shield with Copper Coated Center Condutor. Commscope RG6 Quad Shield "Brightwire" DZ3913152 9900963...
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    What kind of Commscope Brightwire Cable is this?

    Got some Commscope cable that is supposed to be RG6 Quad shield and this is all that is printed on the cable: DZ3913152 Commscope INC Brightwire (TM) 9900963 BM (ETL) us 18 AWG "150V" 564 FT. Nowhere does it mention RG6 or Quad. I searched the internet and Commscope site without much luck...
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    New Service / Purchasing Equipment / what does Dish require?

    If I purchase the Dish network equipment what does dish require to activate new service? Thanks.
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    A few "Noob" Dish Network questions?

    Switching from DirecTV to Dish in a week or two as Dish offers our local channels and directTV does not. I need 2 regular receivers and one HD receiver. (No DVR) What are the latest & greatest model numbers for these two receivers? I would like the regular receivers with UHF remotes, is...