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  1. mlb

    DirecTV announces second quarter 2009 results

    I go over to a buddy who has Dish and just shake my head (same size screen). The amount of compression artifacts are just crazy. Dish has gotten better over the past year, but it still is not in the same league as D*.
  2. mlb

    DirecTV announces second quarter 2009 results

    I have no idea how big of a screen you have, but on my 110" screen it is very noticable.
  3. mlb

    DirecTV announces second quarter 2009 results

    When I left E* I was paying about $115 a month after all expenses. The retention people offered me the same package for $55 a month. I had no contract, so I had no need to take the offer. My guess is that they take care of the people who pay their bill on time (or on autopay, like me). Dish does...
  4. mlb

    DirecTV announces second quarter 2009 results

    :rolleyes: Because Dish doesn't do the same... I left Dish last year for DirecTV and they offered me the moon (I left anyway because I had already had D* installed, and because of NFL ST). They have called me every 3 months since then offering up all kinds of discounts to get me to come back.
  5. mlb

    I'm a D* sub

    I have not looked back since I left E*, Lkr. The PQ is significantly better, although it appears that E* does have more HD channels right now. The hardware is better on E*, but D* isn't terrible.
  6. mlb

    Man, I sure do miss that third tuner...

    I don't regret leaving E* either... I left for the better quality HD. D* is still significantly better than E* in terms of PQ, IMO.
  7. mlb

    Reds games in NC

    The sports pack has alternate channels in the 650 range (652?) that sometimes have Reds games. You may be able to find it there.
  8. mlb

    The DirecTV & Dish Merge in September!

    Don't you mean groundhog's day? :)
  9. mlb

    Sports pack Poll!

    No need for MMM... I get 3 of the 4 games OTA (I live in the Dayton, Ohio DMA, but can get the Cincinnati DMA OTA). I can watch the other on the internet. I will keep the package through this month for CBS CSTV (I think they will replay some of the tourney games during the week) and ESPNU...
  10. mlb

    Sports pack Poll!

    I get it to watch Big East football and basketball games... not to mention all of the Pac10 and Big 12 football games during the fall. There are a ton of college sports throughout the season for me to watch on those channels. I will probably drop it come April, as the college sports I care...
  11. mlb

    Lost channels after snow.

    I have had no issues here, and we have had extended days with temperatures under 10, many nights below 0 (one night -15), and plenty of ice and snow.
  12. mlb

    DirecTV does not support multi room DVR functionality DISH does

    Dish had a setup that you could control 2 TV's with 1 DVR, 1 set top box (only 1 TV could be HD if you wanted to watch separate programming). DirecTV will have true MRV soon thanks to allowing you to stream video from a DVR to a non-DVR box. I have no idea how you can be an engineer and...
  13. mlb

    software update?

    I don't see what is confusing about it, and I'm no EE. It shows a receiver model, the version of firmware, and where it is being sent from. Pretty simple.
  14. mlb

    We are 18 days from Daytona!

    What D* news do you get here that hasn't been posted there already? I've yet to find any in the 7 months I've been a D* subscriber.
  15. mlb

    We are 18 days from Daytona!

    Whether you go over there or not, bob, it is the best site for D* news. This site is the best place for E* news, dbs is the best side of D* news.
  16. mlb

    HD? What happened?

    My HD quality has not changed. It still looks very good. Must be an issue with your setup.
  17. mlb

    D* and Sunday Ticket users

    I wish they'd put out a red zone only package for $100 or something for the season. I'd buy it in a second. Of course, I would expect them to run the red zone through the 2nd games on Sunday afternoon.
  18. mlb

    MLB coming 12/18 to D*?

    SatRacer is bar none the top informational resource about D* launches.
  19. mlb

    First time post and I hate to whine on the first date

    I haven't heard of a 1 year contract from D* in a very long time. I think you were mistaken. If they are not trying to keep you around then apparently they don't think much of your business.
  20. mlb

    MLB coming 12/18 to D*?

    You could be right, Bob. I'm guessing that D* does not turn it on until the 1st, however.