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    Equipment Questions

    Install yesterday went great. The technician even took down the Dish Network satellite and put the new satellite on the existing mast. He installed the HR34 upstairs in the living room, one H25 in the basement, and one H25 in the master bedroom. Used existing coax running through the house...
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    Equipment Questions

    Thank you all for your responses. Pulled the trigger yesterday and went with one HR34 and two HD receivers. Install is scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. Now I have some questions about the installation. I want to put the HR34 in the living room upstairs. How many wires do they...
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    Equipment Questions

    So can I get the whole home DVR without the Home Media Center? How many tuners does the HD-DVR have? We record quite a bit, but I don't think we need 5 tuners. Can I get two HD-DVRs and one HD receiver or would I be better off with the Home Media Center. We would like to be able to send...
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    Equipment Questions

    I have been a Dish customer for over ten years. The latest issue with the Big10 network is the last straw and I'm seriously thinking about switching to DIRECTV. I have a few questions about what equipment would be right for us. Currently have a VIP622 DVR on main TV upstairs and a VIP612...
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    Hopper Installation Questions

    I'm ready to pull the trigger on the Hopper but I have a few questions. We currently only have two TVs so I would get one Hopper and one Joey at this time. Here is my current setup: I have a dual tuner DVR (not sure if it's 722 or not) in the basement family room and a single tuner DVR...
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    Hopper Upgrades

    Could someone PM me about upgrading myself and my parents to the Hopper? Thanks
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    Total Signal Loss

    Well, I called tech support. I'll start out by saying I'm in West Central Wisconsin, GO BUCKY. Tech support told me since radar shows it's snowing in my area, it is not, they can't help me. WTF. This has happened before, on a clear day, but it has come back right away. Tonight, nothing. My...
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    Total Signal Loss

    Where are the names??? Still no signal. Thank GOD for OTA!
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    Total Signal Loss

    Reset and unplugged receivers. Check switch, etc. etc. We have nothing. No signal. Nothing. What should I do next? Call? We have a little snow, but not enough to block the sat. Thanks, Bill
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    HD Channels not in HD

    Did a check switch and it was the same way. Rebooted and it fixed the problem. Thanks for the replies. Can't stand watching football in SD.
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    HD Channels not in HD

    All of my HD channels are showing in SD. I've changed the format to make sure it is set to normal but they all look like SD, they do not fill the screen. Any ideas?
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    Ceil 2 is Alive and Powerful

    Does this new satellite mean they will offer more HD locals? All the other HD channels they are adding are great but I would rather get my locals in HD than get a news channel in HD. Is the news that much better in HD? I live in the La Crosse/Eau Claire, Wisconsin DMA and can get all but...
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    Pixellating only on ABC

    What part of WI are you in? I've had the same problems with ABC. Not when watching OTA, but when watching it through the dish locals. I've even had the problem happen on CBS. I'm still not sure if it's a Dish problem or the local ABC (WXOW) affiliate problem. By the way, I've never seen...
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    622 TV1 RF Modulato TV1 Picture

    Thanks for the reply. Why do they do this? Doesn't this make the TV1 picture on the RF modulator useless?
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    622 TV1 RF Modulato TV1 Picture

    I am trying to view the TV1 signal on our PC in the office on a Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150 tuner card. The TV2 picture on channel 73 looks fine, but the TV1 picture on channel 79 is compressed so it doesn't fill the whole screen. What is the size of the TV1 picture via the RF modulator? Do I...
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    Lost signal from all three Sats

    Sat 110 We also lost signal last night sometime after 7. I was recording BB8 and had the Packer game paused with the TV OFF. Turned TV ON at about 7:30 and no signal. Changed channels from local to Food Network (because it is on a different sat) and everything came back. This loss of...
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    Sat 110 Locals Problem

    So apparently Dish is having trouble with local channels on sat 110. Does anyone know the status of this? What is the problem? What are they doing to fix it? I know they are getting ready to add a bunch of HD, but I would personally like to see them fix their current problems first. We've...
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    spot beam issues from 110?

    I have been having a similar problem with local channels on 110. We have been having intermintent "loss of signal problems" for about the last month. It only seems to happen at night on tuner 1 when we are trying to record a show on a local channel. BTW, I live in western wisconsin. After...
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    522 Audio Noise

    Since I didn't get any replies in the main forum I though I would try this one. I have a 522 with TV2 hooked into the house cable distribution system. Lately we've been noticing some audio noise when watching TV2. It's kind of a high pitched squeal in the background. It does seem to be worse...
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    522 TV2 Audio Noise

    I have a 522 with TV2 hocked into the house cable distribution system. Lately we've been noticing some audio noise when watching TV2. It's kind of a high pitched squeal in the background. It does seem to be worse on some channels than others. To determine if it is the TV or the house...