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  1. slimmswitch

    Corotor II Plus ?

    Hey Guys, I have a Corotor II Plus , is there any to modify this unit into a wideband so i can get circular and linear feeds or do i just need to buy a Corotor II Plus Wideband? Just wondering.
  2. slimmswitch

    Channel List including Cband

    Does anyone have a channelmaster channel list that includes satellites NSS 40.5 to AMC8 139? that they could send me? Thanks
  3. slimmswitch

    Replacing Actuator

    Hey Guys, Just wondering it's hard to replace the actuator of a BUD? I've really had it static for a few years on intelsat 805 and disconnector the analog receiver to move it. I'm thinking of hooking everything back up again, If i'm currently on Intelsat 805 , is it just a matter of...
  4. slimmswitch

    Nss 806 @40.5

    Hey Guys, Just wondering if anyone know if it's possible to catch NSS 806 @ 40.5 with a 7.5 FT Cband dish from toronto? I see the satellite covers north america.
  5. slimmswitch

    Cband Channel Missing? Intelsat 805

    Hey Guys, In the last couple of days my channel for Record Internacional USA-Canadá on Intelsat 805 TP 3918 vpid 4400 has been constantly getting no signal? Is anyone else having this issue, I spoken to someone else who is having the same issue. Does anyone know if there working on that...
  6. slimmswitch

    Dishnet pay-as-you-go?

    i was just wondering, with the pay as you go system, can anyone walk into a store and buy the units(and pre-paid cards). Or do you need to have a valid us address to buy one.. Sorry if i posted in the wrong forum. Thanks
  7. slimmswitch

    Intelsat 27.5W

    Would this be able to catch from Toronto ON. Canada??? I have a 7.5ft dish... I see it's in the EHemi so i'm thinking yes? Is anyone catching this?? I wanted to catch Record Internacional África Thanks to anyone that can help
  8. slimmswitch

    Motor Wire Questions

    I've been really lazy lately have not had time to test but... I have chapparal corotor 2 feedhorn... I have the motor connected to my pansat 2700A. The problem is it's not switching from V->H or R->L (or the oposite way). I dont know if this maybe causing the problem, I found some old cable...
  9. slimmswitch

    RTPi on Intelsat 805 (55.5)

    Is it me or is RTPi no longer available on that satellite.
  10. slimmswitch

    Servo Problems

    Hey guys ... I hooked my servo up this weekend from my corotor 2 plus to my pansat 2700A , And I cant seem to get more than 30% on cband reception (i've tried adjusting the skew) and my ku band is really low too.... ALso i cant get it to flip to Horizontal signals? Am i doing something wrong...
  11. slimmswitch

    Motor and signal

    Hey guys I was just wondering,, if im currently catching a signal from 121 and I put a HH90 motor ,, should i be able to catch more sats ..without having to first point my dish true south?
  12. slimmswitch

    Universal Lnb vs. Standard LNB

    Is there a big difference between the two ? pros and cons?
  13. slimmswitch

    36" Fortec Elevation Help

    I was wondering if anyone has a side profile picture of a 36 fortec? Because I have one, and i wanted to see how the elevation is adjusted. Since it uses the 2 screw (with attached metal bar thing...LOL) adjusting method to adjust the elevation. For example my elevation is 25.1 i dont know...
  14. slimmswitch

    KU LNBs

    I currently have this lnb (Eagle Aspen) if i were to get this Norsat KU lnb Would this help increase my quality gain...
  15. slimmswitch

    Pansat 2700 and Servo wires

    Sorry for all these dumb questions , but when i get the rest of my parts in i want to have it working quick (hopefully). My question is in the pansat 2700 receiver picture attached, which wires go where,from the servo to the pansat . I believe the servo cables are white black and red. (so...
  16. slimmswitch

    Actuator Arms??

    I'm looking to get a new actuator arm and i was wondering what the big difference is between the 24" Probrand - Superjack and a V76-5 Von Weise actuator jack 24”
  17. slimmswitch

    Pansat and Lnb settings Please help

    I have a Pansat 2300A and a Eagle Aspen 770 Ku 0.6 dB lnb and i was wondering , what do i put in as the Local LNB Freq? Here are the specs Model Number P5450 I/P Frequency 11.7 - 12.2 O/P Frequency 950 - 1450 LO Frequency 10.75 GHz + / - 500 KHz Noise Temperature (@ + 25°c) 0.6 to...
  18. slimmswitch

    Cband and Diseqc switch

    I was wondering if any has had a problem running the Bud through a diseqc. I had been running it for a while but the other day it died. I'm running a Pansat 2700A and Coolsat Diseqc (bought a new one) I've setup my bud for LNB 4 but when i check level i get 31% and no quality. But if i hook up...
  19. slimmswitch

    Mount lnb on Feedhorn

    I just received my Chaparral C/KU band Corotor 2 Plus Feedhorn with 2 lnb today... And i was wondering if someone can look at the picture i provided and tell me if i put everything on properly. Thanks Guys
  20. slimmswitch

    33" Dish setup

    I was just wondering if anyone knew a easy way to setup this dish,,,, I've gotten once amc4 after hrs and hrs of battling. And most of the time i cant catch any other dish . Even those one that are close to my long 79.2 ( closest to me is AMC5) So I have Fortec LNBF 0.4db and a 33" dish. I...