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  1. quickfire

    ps3 for only 319

    I used the 20% coupon on a XBOX 360......I paid $293.67 TOTAL including tax .....saved $73.23 the only thing i dislike about the hdmi version is having to buy the special hdmi audio cable!
  2. quickfire

    ps3 for only 319

    would this coupon work for an XBOX 360??? I already have a PS3!!!
  3. quickfire

    Fx Hd Tues!!!

    NIP TUCK...THE SHIELD......& let's not forget .......RESCUE ME!!!!! They are All GREAT shows on FXHD!!
  4. quickfire

    Will Directv give free HD locals ?

    Gone are the days of Total Choice for $29.95...that was the MY monthly bill for years!!!!
  5. quickfire

    H/D update per Swanni..

    I will try and give this thing a positive spin.........wasn't there a couple of HD channels from D* that was supposed to be launched at 6:00am ....but didnt and then out of no where they popped on around 7:00pm that same evening!! Maybe this is what they have planned!!! Wasn't it DiscoveryHD...
  6. quickfire

    HR10 to HR20-700...EWWW...

    DWDYEM2001 what is the model # of your HR20??? If it is the HR20 700.......then you can activate DOD tonite ONLY from 11:00pm to need to download the 019a software to activate DOD. I dont think you'll have to have a broadband connection in order to get DOD on your HR20...
  7. quickfire

    *D Premier /HD new price?

    Ok....I have Total Choice with NO I should be grandfathered in.....BUT I want be able to recieve all D* HD channels unless I choose a different package?? What channels will i not recieve.....?
  8. quickfire

    HR20-700 / Sep. 7 & 8 / {CE:09:03} 0x197

    Only change I see is NOT being able to channel up or down with remote with DOD....this needs to be fixed!
  9. quickfire

    HR20-700 / Sep. 7 & 8 / {CE:09:03} 0x197

    Im interested if this CE improves the DOD user interface!
  10. quickfire

    PS3 Update Thread (v1.60)

    I somewhat agree.........but I like the old zoom in manual function me it now Zooms in to far without the ability to adjust it whatsoever!!!!!
  11. quickfire

    4,000,000 Wii in six weeks

    Thats what i'm thinking about doing myself......I can wait a few months until the hype dies down on the PS3.....I plan on standing outside the store and basically hanging out till someone comes aling wanting the PS3 ..then i'll step in and offer them mine!!!I sthis morally right?probley not but...
  12. quickfire

    4,000,000 Wii in six weeks

    Does the Wii have a built in web browser?
  13. quickfire

    Well, this morning my H10 updated

    I got the Fw upgrade also this morning.....If the servive not availible temporarily problem is fixed then i'm grateful to D*......My H10 would lock up and not let me change channels once this message came up and would sometimes do a reboot after the message!!!!I'm hoping that the FW did indeed...
  14. quickfire

    New FW upgrade for H10

    I received a FW upgrade this morning at 3:22am....for my Bedroom H10 HD receiver....does anybody know what this FW fixes/adds? Thanks in advance for any knowledgable replys!!......quickfire
  15. quickfire

    VERY faint horizontal lines on both HDTV's with D*

    To those that are interested.....i finally found the source of the problem!! It was my basic cable that went into the back of my happy that it was a simple fix! Is there something that can be attached to the cable to take away the scrolling lines?? I wont have this problem once my...
  16. quickfire

    VERY faint horizontal lines on both HDTV's with D*

    My D* receivers(H10 & Samsung 160)have started having horizontal scrolling lines on both my Toshiba 65H82 HDTV(living room) and my Sanyo 30 inch HDTV(bedroom)......I can barely see them only in dark scenes but it has began to get on my wife says im too picky ...but I know they were...
  17. quickfire

    HD DVD on Projection CRT??

    I have a Toshiba 65h82 1080i HDTV...I have had this set for about 3 years and can tell you that the picture you get from a HDDVD player will be the best picture you can have as of today....I have D* HD,OTA HD locals,the HDDVD picture quality is near as perfect as you can get!!!!!! Another...
  18. quickfire

    OFFICIAL Toshiba firmware 1.2 update NOW AVAILABLE!

    I have a Toshiba 65H82 & Sanyo Z3....if anybody wants to know!
  19. quickfire

    OFFICIAL Toshiba firmware 1.2 update NOW AVAILABLE!

    Hey guys....I most definately had a smoother/sofeter picture with the HDDVD The Last Samurai,once I did the update. I followed the instructions at the AVS forum......I unplugged the player,then Initialized it( it does wipe out all mod settings)..the powered of unit the ...finally powewred it...