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    Ditched the DVR

    We have a pretty good system over here in College Station/Bryan ;) I too hope TW buys out cox because their lineup in waco (our main dma) has a very impressive HD lineup. Hopefully after our rebuild is complete (hope the possible sale didnt screw with the timing on the rebuild but since it...
  2. J

    Eagles Farewell tour on NBC 8pm ET

    Looks excellent.... shame its 2.0
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    Problems with the COX HDTV DVR

    Ive had 2 missed recording on my 6412 but overall its been a fine machine for me. You want something painful to use, try any tivo. God those things are slow as molasses (even if they have all the extra features).
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    HD Upgrade

    Well really we are quite slim on the pickings until the rebuild is done..... Im still waiting for verizon to come to town... that will be worth waiting for.
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    HD Upgrade

    I have decent amt of HD in College Station... CBS NBC PBS (dont have fox and abc because cox doesnt have the waco feeds and our local repeater stations probably wont ever go HD) INHD INHD2 DISC ESPN HBO SHO were in the process of a "rebuild" that will net room for more HD but they...
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    So, Scott, will voom stb work after 3am 5/1?

    HAHA.... yeah the 942 is real networkable. For 1 HDTV and 1 SDTV. voOm's was neworkable to every tv in the house and all could be HD.
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    So, Scott, will voom stb work after 3am 5/1?

    Id love to seem Dish drop their crappy hardware and get voom's equipment.... that networkable dvr with dish would be sweet and Dish is going to need their own system to counter the D* networkable dvr.
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    Dish to carry 14 Voom HD channels? 10 Channels --> YES

    Interesting they hint that the voom channels might be in the "HD pack"
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    Cuban and Voom -- Why Cuban is happy to see Voom go bye-bye?

    Very True.... I recently subed to local cable co and they have InHD.... IMO they have far better content than HDnet today. Back in the day when HDnet got the good sports to show they were great but they have shown they have no intention of cometing on the big stage (not getting the mlb games...
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    Cox Selling off a very big chunk of their markets...

    Yeah this was just announced today so it doesnt have any potential buyers yet.... Im personally hoping for Time Warner.
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    Cox Selling off a very big chunk of their markets...
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    Just Ordered Cox HD DVR

    I did my A/B comparison and ESPN, DiscHD (the 2 that I could compare) both look better on COX (universal is coming soon). The locals on COX look as good as OTA (all my locals are full bw so Im assuming cox is passing full bw as well because Id notice it). InHD on my system looks as good as...
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    Can VERIZON be our knight in shinning armour??

    It does go out further (asn was quite a bit more) but I dont remember how far exactly.
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    Just Ordered Cox HD DVR

    Motorola 6412 and for me (on a 106 inch AE700) I cant see any difference on HD locals... and even looks better on Discovery and ESPN than voom did. And all my locals dont have any sub channels.
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    Just Ordered Cox HD DVR

    Just so you know on my system cox is better across the board than voom PQ wise.... and those are the channels I get.... the new development is i cna get all the HD my local offers (discoveryhd, inhd 1 and 2, espn, and my locals)
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    Just Ordered Cox HD DVR

    Do you absolutely have to have the movie channels? I just signed up for cox as well but I was allowed to sub to "extended basic" (analog) and still get all the HD channels (sans the movie ones). but my total bill after $15 rental for the hd-dvr is $54/month.
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    Can VERIZON be our knight in shinning armour??

    Its got the V* moniker too :) I know one of the biggest reasons I went with cable was because this service is coming and I wanted to have my options open to see what they offer.... I know regardless Im getting their internet.
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    Voomer moved to Comcast – initial thoughts

    I actually went with cable co (COX) because they offered me the cheapest basic service with HD programming and DVR. I get "extended basic" for 40 bucks a month and 15 to lease the DVR (moto) E*/D* would have been a bit cheaper but you dont have to pay 5 bucks per TV to get service at...
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    E* or D*

    Even if they do this is why I went with the cable co... I want a HD-DVR and couldnt get one cheap from any Sat service. By the end of the year Verizon should be starting their TV service..... a whole lot will change by the end of the year. You might look at Time Warner again.... Ive heard...