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    ethernet question

    Hey I've read several forms about hooking an Ethernet cable into a 622 instead of a phone line. Well its hooked up, went into the menu then into system settings then to broadband. It has an IP an appears to be online and fine. So should I just call Dish now and ask them if they will take away...
  2. J

    HD question. new channels?

    Im a bit mystified, is Dish just slow with updating their website? I also can't find any posts on this. Just got the dish installed and i'm not going to start complaining about more HD channels but I didn't know that I would also be getting MHD (the MTV related one), the learning channel in ...
  3. J

    My Lovely Landlord (installation permission)

    Hey all. I will find out an answer for sure when installer comes tommorow, but if someone out there is a Dish installer or knows a lot about Dish's you can probably help me out (since I wont be getting it installed till i get the letter from my landlord, and I cant get the letter from my...
  4. J

    Need a straight answer about contracts

    Hello all. I am getting the dish installed in a few days, but I refuse to do a long term contract since I feel completely insecure signing an 18 month contract for something that I might have problems with. Maybe if I knew it worked good I would get a contract. So After dealing with blatant...