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    Getting programs from DVR onto my iPad?

    I have some shows on my DirecTV DVR that I'd like to be able to watch on my iPad while I am on an airplane. Any search that I do for this topic only gives me results from 2006 and 2007 and is only for iPods. Obviously the technology has changed a lot since then. Is there a reliable way to...
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    Switching from DirecTV to Cablevision...?

    Hi folks... I am thinking about switching from DirecTV to Cablevision (Bergen/Creskill), but I'm not sure. CV keeps senging their salespeople around with better and better offers; the current one is Triple Play basic for $79 I believe, and for two years. Even after all the add-ons, it'll...
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    Switching from Direct to CV? The CV DVR?

    My family and I have been on DirecTV for 7 or 8 years now, and we're pretty tired of their empty promises about HD. I spoke to an operator at CV today, and was assured that after the initial year, CV will cost me a little less than DTV for a little more than what I have now. I am good with...