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    selected Guide changed back to My Channels

    I've gone through and set up one favorites list (List 1) on our Hopper. If the Hopper powers down for any reason (inactivity, reboot, etc) the Guide is always set to My Channels when I power it back up, forcing me to switch to the List I want (List 1). The two Joeys we have do not exhibit this...
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    watch PTAT while recording?

    We just had our install done yesterday, so last night was the first PTAT. Everything recorded correctly, however I was unable to watch anything that PTAT had recorded or was currently recording. Trying to watch something resulted in an error 00. I even tried copying something to the DVR...
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    Dish billing question

    Hey all. We signed up for Dish service a couple days ago and scheduled an install for March 28 through a 3rd party Dish/DirecTV dealer. I noticed a charge for 104.93 hit our account today. I was expecting 30.00 for sling, but am surprised they are already charging us for the first month of...
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    guide/channel changing speed difference between receivers

    Hey all. I'm pretty new to Directv, so forgive me if this is common knowledge. We have the HR21 as well as your basic D12. I have scrolling off for both, yet the guide and changing channels is significantly faster on the D12. I'd think as nice as the HR21 is (with all the bells and...