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    No Plan to add TruTv Hd etc.

    I sent an e-mail addressed to Directv’s CEo which includes these two paragraphs: “I appreciate the recent addition of AMC-HD, but there are many basic HD channels that are missing from Directv’s lineup. If the following channels are not added in HD ( TCM, TruTV, History International , E...
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    TruTv in HD 2011 ?

    Sports Business Journal March 10 2011 :” DirecTV will carry truTV's NCAA men's basketball tournament games in HD under the terms of a deal the satellite operator finalized with Turner Sports yesterday. Sources said DirecTV has committed to launch the HD version of the channel later this...
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    Harmon Killebrew Memorial - Blackedout

    I have the Sports Pack. The Harmon Killebrew Memorial on FS North -channel 668 is blackedout here in Chicago. What is the thinking behind this move?
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    Why is FS Arizona blacked out

    I have the MLB EI package. FS Arizona (686) tonights Diamondbacks/Reds game is blacked out (Program is not available in your area). MLB EI channel 738-1 The FS Arizona broadcast of Diamondbacks/Reds game is not blacked out. I though if one had the MLB EI package they could watch the...
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    MLB Extra Inning - Giants/Padres Blacked out in Chicago.

    I have sent the following e-mail to Directv: My local Regional Sports Network is Comcast SportsNet Chicago. I have the Sports Package and MLB Extra Innings Package. The program guide showed tonight’s (April 5, 20110) San Francisco / San Diego game was on channel 723 and 723-1. I was...
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    Comcast Sports Net Chicago – Blacked Out In Chicago

    I am in the Chicago area. My local RSN is Comcast Sports Net Chicago -#665 The Channel is blacked out. “White Sox @ Indians are blacked out on this channel". I have had Directv for 5 years. This is the first time that a have received a black out message on Comcast Sports Net Chicago...
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    Media Share Question

    Music, Photos & More I’d like to use this feature. My computer is connected to my receiver. I am able to download VOD. However, “Music Photos & More” does not appear in the main Menu. The DVR Receiver users guide states: Compatible models include the Directv Plus Hd Dvr ( models HR20 or...
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    Comcast SportsNet Chicago HD – All games in HD?

    A couple of years ago I left Dish for Directv. One of the reasons for my leaving was Dish’s habit of not showing all the games on CSN and CSN+ in HD. Now I am considering moving back to Dish due to Dish having more national HD ( TCM, AMC, TRU, HLN. Etc) I was reading the posts on...
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    Almost Switched to Comcast - But, Tennis Channel HD is $14 a month

    Comcast has an on line promotion – Digital Preferred package plus 6 months of HBO for $39.99 for the first 12 months. The Digital Preferred package seemed to have all the Directv HD channels plus a lot of HD that is not available with DIRECTV ; TCM, AMC, Headline News, E , Tru –TV; ect...
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    How long should MLB (213) be Blacked Out?

    In Chicago last night’s White Sox game was blacked out. I understand the reason. The game was available in Chicago on CSN Chicago. The game ended more than 90 minutes ago. MLB (213) is still blacked out. Who to blame? Major League baseball? Directv?
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    AT&T $5.00 Discount

    Since I have been with Directv ( Feb 2090 ) I have received a $5.00 a month AT &T Discount credit. AT&T provides my land line phone, cell phone and internet service. I am considering no longer having a land line phone. I no longer need it to have my DSL internet service. I will call...
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    Sports Pack Question

    I have the MLB Package. If I get the Sports Pack will I be able to view the pre and post baseball shows on the local RSN's ? Or will they be blacked out?
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    Unbelievable MLB Package Deal

    I think this is so good it should have its own topic Espressoman said: Found a slick deal that basically netted me MLB EI for free: DirecTv MLB Extra Innings + Choice Xtra + Showtime and Starz for $59.95 for first 3 months. Continue with Choice Xtra and MLB for rest of season for $63.99...
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    K before program on play list

    Yesterday I recorded Holmes on Homes - channel 229 HGTVHD. On the playlist before Holmes on Homes there is a capital “K” inside a circle. Does anybody know what the Circle K means.
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    NFLHD - Channel 212 - Program Guide

    Just noticed on the program guide the NFLHD channel is not highlighted - The program ( NFL Preseason Football ) is highlighted . I am able to view the game - Rams Vs. Jets in HD. Just curious why 212 NFLHD is shown in the guide as if it was not part of my programming package?
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    AM21 Tuner - WCIU 26.1 Chicago

    Last Thursday I got an AM21 Off Air Tuner and I received all my off air local channels. For reasons that are not important today I redid the Antenna Setup. Now channel 26.1 WCIU HD is missing. In its place is channel 48.1 WCIU-DT. The program guide shows the programming on 26 and channel 48.1...
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    French Open Mix Channel - Problem

    Anyone else having difficulty navigating the French Open Mix Channel? I’m stuck in the upper left hand box.
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    Foxnews & Foxb not in HD because of smart card

    I have the Classic Gold 250 HD package. Channels 205 & 206 were in SD; but I did not have 205HD and 206HD. I tried "check switch" without success. This evening I called Dish Tech support regarding these channels not being in HD. The new smart card I put into the receiver last week would...
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    CSN Chicago + in HD

    Last week Dish had a CSN Chicago + game in HD. Tonight's White Sox game is on CSN + and Dish has it in HD. Previously Dish only had CSN Chicago + games in SD. More Cubs and White Sox games in HD is good news. Just wondering why Dish is now showing CSN Chicago + games in HD?
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    RSN's 24/7 HD

    Friday, Dish is adding 17 HD channels. By the end of the year they plan to add even more HD channels. With all this HD capacity why dosn't Dish make all the RSN's full time 24/7 HD? And couldn't Dish now show the the overflow games on CSN Chicago + in HD?