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    Web modem tele light

    today the telephone light on the Modem has started flashing & I don't have the phone option .it never did this B4...can anyone offer a clue as to what going on ....thanx.
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    Cablevision's 500 HD channels?

    :rolleyes: Remember the statment Cv put out a while ago that they could offer 500 HD channels (not that there are that many btw) along w/ HD VODs Well..I don't see that happening since they can't even get the 15 VOOM channels to work correctly...they are fast becoming the joke of the industry...
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    VOOM HD Movies Channel#779

    the new VHD Movie channel replaces the World film channel (ch.#779) (I saw this posted somewhere b4)Well this is @ least a start on new channels @CV since worldfilm Hd did'nt do much for us around here;)
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    Cnn Hd

    Cable reports that CV will be adding CNN HD (ch.725) sometime next week... (WOW thanks CV for the really great addition... what's next News 12 in hd:rolleyes:
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    cnet-tv on CV

    heres something new that I found on CV ch. 607 its CNET-TV.. I don't know how long it been there as I was checking their "enhance tv" channel & found its listed among the other sub-channels (news-sports-lottery,etc.)looks good but only as long as they update it regularly y'know don't want to see...