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    24" Dish And No Contract?

    I signed a year's lease on a house with "no line of sight" according to the tech. I was released from my contract. I own a 24" dish (purchased years ago) and read that this will get a standard def signal if I can see ANY light through the trees, which I can. Atlanta, GA area, by the way...
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    Sling Link Question

    I have a Slingbox classic hooked up getting an internet feed via a pair of SlingLink Turbo W1's. One SlingLink at the router, another in a guest bedroom where the Slingbox is. Can I add another SlingLink to further utilize the internet feed coming from the router to replace a wifi connection...
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    Newbie advice needed

    Pardon my Dish Network ignorance after over 15 years with DirecTV. I will be getting Dish HD service at an apartment in Tennessee. Also have a part time residence in a wooded area in Indiana. I only need a simple standard def receiver in Indiana. Can I purchase a used receiver on Ebay and...
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    Need to move a Slimline 5

    Just don't want to spend $800 on a meter. Would like to do this myself. Any meters around $300 or less that will enable me to do this? Thanks, folks!