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    Change Programming Package or Drop Dish?

    So I'm looking for a bit of advise; perhaps from some folks who have done or considered the same thing. I'm in need of saving some money and was looking to either change my programming to the Flex pack or dropping Dish altogether for a streaming option like Sling. Currently, I'm on Dish 120...
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    Slow Joeys

    So I moved to a H3 setup when they first came out. Since then, my 2 Joeys seem much slower to respond to remote inputs/commands. Is this a known problem with the new H3? Is there any remedy that I could try to resolve the slowness? Thanks in advance.
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    Joey or Wireless Joey?

    I am moving into a new home and will be placing a bedroom TV in a location with no coax or ethernet connection. So I was thinking to either go with a power line adapter to connect a regular Joey or get a wireless Joey. From reading here it appears that the wireless Joey is a bit bigger and...
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    DIRT... Please Help

    Can I have a DIRT member contact me regarding me changing locations and upgrading equipment. I sent a PM to one DIRT member on Thursday but have not heard back (maybe he's on vacation). Thanks.
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    User Created Favorites List as Defalut

    In the guide, I have my own defined favorites list which I use almost exclusively. Once I have selected it, it stays as the default until the next day (turn off the receiver). How can I keep this as the default all the time?
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    Joey Reset Procedure

    It seems that to properly reset your Joey, it takes a little more that just holding down a power button or unplugging the power. After about a week of running smoothly my Joey was not getting a any programming on the screen. It showed it was connected and this was verified at the Hopper as...
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    Thank you DIRT (MattG) & Satellite Guys

    I just wanted to post a big THANK YOU to DIRT, namely MattG, and everyone at Satellite Guys. I have been lurking since 2004 and have always found lots of good information on all things satellite. I finally wanted to give a belated thanks to everyone that contributes. MattG from DIRT was...
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    Thinking of Dumping Dish

    With the news about D* future HD possibilities and the lack of a quality HD recorder, I feel that E* just does not have much to offer me anymore. I joined because they said and were at the time the leader in HD. But now, really, what reasons are there to stay? What does E* have that D* does...