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    EHD content, post-construction

    My condo association is doing major work to our building in Spring of 2013. I have two dishes on the balcony and will have to take them down during the work, which is slated to take seven weeks. I plan on keeping my Dish account active during this time for a $5 fee per month, I think. My concern...
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    AJE adds bureaus in US

    Al Jazeera English has added news bureaus in Chicago & Miami and will feature a new US-targeted DC Politics program daily out of its DC bureau. Time for Dish to get on the ball and add this growing 24-hour news channel. Story here...
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    211 multiple shutdowns

    Hi. I have a 211 receiver with an EHD attached. Several times per day now, the screen will go green and the receiver will reboot, taking about 5 minutes to get the picture back (after acquiring sat signal screen cycles) or restart a recording. This happens even when I'm not watching TV, as I...
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    VIP 622 and Seperator

    I got a 622 about a year ago and the installer ran two seperate cables to the back of it, one for Satellite input #1 and the other for Sat input #2. I just got a 612, which is also a dual tuner, installed in another room. When the tech installed the 612, he used only one incoming cable and a...
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    Pbs Hd

    Anybody heard if Dish will be doing PBS in HD? Either local stations or the Nat'l version. Thanks.