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    Wall Street Journal: More VOOM details

    Not to get too OT, but I still can't help wonder that if they had good installs and a solid set top box, then they would have succeeded. It was a good idea, and the guy is to be given credit for coming up with it, but when you turn on the TV and you often can't get a PG or a signal, then the...
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    The End of VOOM?

    yeah, and no risk since the hardware is new, no launch risk, and its already up and running. Quite a deal really.
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    Disgruntled VOOM Employee

    Like I said when I cancelled my service and had billing trouble. The CSA's were the nicest bunch of useless people I have ever met. And it wasn't there fault, they weren't allowed to solve anything.
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    Not good...

    All of this still indicates to me that I need a good OTA no matter who is supplying my HD. At least then I will get some bandwidth for a few shows. Of course, until all the subs eat up the network bandwidth. I'm glad I had HD for a couple years. At least w/the old PBS stuff I know what HD...
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    CM4228 Pre-amped

    It's best to go w/the largest antenna you can handle and then add a pre-amp if you need to.
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    Does D* brainwash it's subscribers?

    A lot of sets accept 1080i, but my understanding is that they actually procerss 540 to 540p to cheapen the deinterlacing costs.
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    Save me from the darkside ;)

    I went from voom to cable, but cable still does not have many of the OTA channels available and, stupidly I think, they don;t have an OTA tuner on the HD box. They do have an HD PVR rolling out. I have a MyHD 'cause I like to get all of our local OTA content and sub's when available...
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    Best HDTV for $2500.00

    i had to go w/lcd 'cause dlp gives me headaches. i luv my panny PT50LC13. the PT50LC14 is the new one
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    How the heck do you move a BUD?

    That would fit in Lutz, I actually live on Daiquiri Lane believe it or not.
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    If you cancel, watch your CC

    Well..., Sean was kind enough to send some emails and even he got no response from anyone. I called VOOM again today and they said they see the problem, my credit card has been "unassigned" from the account. Whatever that means. I asked her why no-one had told me about this over the past...
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    How the heck do you move a BUD?

    here in lutz they are paying people to haul them off
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    A final cry for help from a Voom subscriber soon to be forced into cancelling.

    How can you possibly say that the antenna install would be $2000? That's ridiculous. This isnt evolving technology, antennas have been installed like this for decades.
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    Hurricane Frances headed my way ... peace and quiet to reign on SatGuys forum

    My CHannel Master OTA and stealth did well in 60+. So did thhe D* dish. The hurricane coming at us was no big deal, but last night the SW side of the storm was scary as h***. We are now waiting through the tornado warnings. Here comes IVAN
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    Should I wait, or go with Direct now?

    I have the same concern as this poster. I am worried that the HDPVR will not work w/the 5 lnb dish or that they will start to implement MPG4 in the next few months w/no upgrade path. Any ideas?
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    Using an Analog receiver for FTA

    Well at least I don't have the tree problem, I live on a lake that see's a huge arc unimpeded. My mesh has a hole that is trapezoidal in nature, but only 0.012" in the longest direction. I assume this is OK for Ku?
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    Hurricane Frances headed my way ... peace and quiet to reign on SatGuys forum

    Their telling us in TPA since the storm is so slow the rain could be >1ft or more. This thing is moving so slow flooding is going to be a problem.
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    Why stay with voom? Get HD DirecTV Tivo!

    I was talking about D*, is that what you're referring to DVLOS?