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    CE's for 5/8 & 5/9

    Well, let's hope they extend the DLB next week!!
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    HR2x CE Release 4/24 v.0301

    Never done the ce downloand before. if i do it this friday 5/1 will I be able to get the DLB or am I too late? I have a HR21-100.
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    Ro mt understanding Dish is testing 23 new Hd channels...

    Now come on be honest, don't you already miss the indians!!
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    AMC-HD The Prisoner in Nov - Wake up Directv

    It is a real movie channel, but agree that commercials sucks big time. I stopped watching them couple of years ago because of this, when they started having comercials. I wish DTV had TCM (turner classic movies) in HD. Does anyone know if any cable or sattelite company carries TCM in HD?
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    Direct Tune Feature

    This is great. Have u guys tried the direct tune feature on your DVR.
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    Hope for a Tivo-DIRECTV HD DVR?

    Man you must have too much time on your hand to come here and type all this.
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    Is Directv DVRs that bad?

    WHAT? Were you not happy with the Indians??!!
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    What HD DVR will I get?

    I doubt that you get a refurbished one. Especially if you paid $99. I signed up two months ago and got two brand new (sealed box) shinning black HR21. I am very happy since I also added a 1Tb external HD to each one. I only wish that they had dual layer buffer like my old Tivo.
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    HR20-100 w external hard drive ?

    Correct it does run rather hot but it is whisper quite. Probably their own unneeded software. That is why acomdata is called Pure Drive, nothing in there!
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    HR20-100 w external hard drive ?

    Acomdata pure drive at Frys Electronics is $220 for 1TB and it worked perfectley out of the box for my HR21.*|*Acomdata It is beyond me why people bother with internal drives and buy enclosures for them, unless the savings are significant.
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    I'm about to cancel my service before I get it.

    And it is just barely better in Direct, I always have to crank up my contrast and color, when I am watching any of starz hd channels. It is very dim.
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    Which receiver am I getting?

    Keep in mind that you can also get an external hard drive (1 TB I think goes for about $200-250) and that would increase your recording capacity.
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    Will installer do a wall mount?

    I hope you are not an installer in my area!!
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    Im Switching to directv

    True , but have to renew/extent the 2 yr contract.
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    New Customer Question

    And why haven't you complain to D to take care of the problem?
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    Which receiver am I getting?

    I will promise you that you will get an HR 21 with 200 hours of SD programming, up to 50 hours of HD programming and nothing else. Whatever CSR tells you take it with a grain of salt or as they say for entertainmet purposes only.
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    The $ Value of a Subscriber

    Just like Tivo does.
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    What HD Channel do you want added the most?

    Turner Classic Movies/TCM and American Movie Classics/AMC
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    SWM install problems I think

    Conntect Tv installers suck big time. I cancelled DTV installation with them 2 months ago. They send a 20 year old kid who was not sure how he was going to do the install. I sent him home. I've signed up again and schedulled for next week, I requested senior installer. Thanks for you comments...
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    Installation questions..

    How much extra? Any idea for a 2 story house.