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    New deals?

    I know that this has probably been discussed before, but I didn't see it. My bill jumped from $99.00 to $130.00( I have AT200 with Hopper3 and two Joeys) due to 3 year price lock ending. I called Dish and the best the CS would offer was $115.00 on a 2 year price lock, that is giving a $10.00...
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    Recieved free voice remote

    Last week I got an email from Dish with a free voice remote offer, just had to confirm that I wanted it. Received it in the mail yesterday and even tho it comes with setup instructions to pair it with the Hopper3, is there an easy way to transfer my codes for my TV and soundbar from the old...
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    Joeys "lost broadband connection"

    I have a Hopper 3 and two Joeys. Today both the two Joeys say "lost broadband connection" they say to unplug for 10 seconds and plug back in. I have and they both still say that. The connection test on the Hopper 3 is good and it says everything is good, it's just the Joeys. Any ideas?
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    Where are free 4K videos on Hopper3?

    I seen some people saying that there is free 4k videos on the Hopper3, but I am unable to find them. I seen the 4k movies in the On Demand list, but they all have a price to watch. I was just wanting try out my new 4k tv. Am I looking in wrong place? Thanks.
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    How does Dish Network look on a 4K tv?

    I'm considering getting a 4K tv(Samsung ks8000 series). I was just wondering if anyone on here had this tv and how Dish Network looked on it? How is motion blur and juddering or any other thing that might help my decision? Cons and pros with this series. Thanks.
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    Transfering recordings to ipad?

    I have the Hopper3 and was wondering how you transferred recordings to an ipad or other mobile device. I could of sworn that I seen something on the Hooper about "prepare for mobile", but can't find it now.
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    Dish Network on a 4K tv

    I'm thinking about getting a 4K tv. Was wondering if anyone one could tell me how Dish Network programming looks on a 4K tv. I'm talking about the HD and SD channels, since there isn't much 4K programming. I have the Hopper 3.
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    Does phone line need to be connected?

    Hello, I currently have my phone line connected to my H3, but I'm getting rid of the land line(never use it). Will that cause a problem or does it even matter if you have a phone line connected? I know it's needed for POV ordering, but I can just do that online. Thanks.
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    Free movie certificates.

    I am pretty new to Dish and just had a friend use a Referral code from me. I received a e-mail from Dish saying that I would get $5.00/month off for 10 months and that I also get 5 free PPV certificates. My question is, where do I find the free certificates? I checked my online account and under...
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    Streaming 4k through Hopper3

    OK, I have a Hopper 3 and about to get a new 4k tv to watch 4k Netflix, 4k YouTube, and 4k On Demand. My question is, What is the minimum internet speed needed to watch this stuff? I know my current speed is way to slow(3mb), but about to switch ISP and was just wondering about speeds. Thanks.
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    Vevo videos

    Got a Hopper 3 about a week ago and when I play videos on the Vevo app the videos look like pure crap. Very blurry, they might get clear for a second but then goes blurry again. Is that normal or is something wrong?
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    Netflix free for a year question.

    Has anyone had a problem with getting their free Netflix subscription to work? I keep getting a message on the Netflix site saying "cannot process, try again later".
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    Dish questions

    About to switch from Directv. Just wondering about a few things. 1. Does the Dish Anywhere App. Work on Android devices? 2. Does Dish work on the Watch ESPN app? 3. I noticed on my father in laws Hopper2 that not all channels had VOD, but on Dish On Demand web site it shows all channels. Can...
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    New customer deals?

    Hello, It's been awhile since I was last on here. I have been with Direct for the last 5 years and was with Dish for over 10 years before that. I like Direct and all, but with price increases and slooooooow receiver, last week I had pretty much decided to switch back to Dish before the current...
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    What's With Nbc Recordings Freezing And Pixilating?

    Am I the only one that has problems with recordings on NBC? They sometimes freeze and pixilate. It's only NBC and it isn't all the time, but it's really annoying. I live in southern Ky. Didn't want to call Direct, afraid they will want to send another receiver and I have to much on it to lose...
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    HR-24 Over heating.

    I believe the fan in my HR-24 has quit working cause I get a message saying that my reciever is to hot and it goes into cool down mode, but never cools down. I have to unplug the reciever to let it cool. Never hear the fan running. After plugging it back in it works fine until the same over...
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    Need answers about best setup quick!!!

    I have 6 tvs and I am wanting to switch to Directv. I need FULL DVR ability on all 6 tvs. First,Is it possible with Directv and if so what do I need to get when I order(ie.# of recievers)? Thanks.
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    Hopper/Joey Question

    Do the Joeys act as regular recievers, ie: have guide, have own remote, and able to change channels? I know its a stupid question but know nothing about this reciever. Thanks. Also any other things one should know about the new recievers?
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    Tv apps not working

    Hello, I noticed this morning that my tv apps arent working right. When I press the right arrow they come up like they are suppost to, but I cant scroll down the list or go into the app store. If I press down to scroll it just wants to start double play. It was working fine the other day. Anyone...
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    ESPN Full Court Free Trial?

    I thought there was a free trial that started today? If you go to channels 720 and on they arent available.