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    HD setup

    RE HD...I wish to use my HD receiver at the cottage and know I need a different LNBF to go with the dish I have there. The dish is "eggshape" 23x21. Kindly let me know what extra hardware required to enable HD reception there. The HD ird will be feeding one LCD TV only. thanks, seavu
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    Which TP's dont work in Florida

    I want to take my Bell ExpressVu to Florida..which TP's don't make it to the Tampa Bay area? many thanks!!!!
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    Satellite choice for Florida

    I will be in Clearwatewr, Fl this winter and still not sure which system will be the best for reception...*C or BEV?? I'm hoping Iceberg, or someone with the Florida experience can guide me. Many thanks for all who help me make this decision.
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    BEV in Florida

    Last winter I used StarChoice while wintering near Tampa, FL. This coming winter I hope to return to BEV, as I understand more TP's are now reaching mid Florida. Am I correct or is the service still minimal for that area? Any help much appreciated....Florida SnowBirdy
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    BEV reception Florida

    Can someone confirm that the US networks[ Boston] are now available on N3 for the southern US. I understand that TSN is now available and hoping more channels are becoming available for the southern fringe of the foot print. THANKS
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    *Choice signal strength

    I recently set up my 75e StarChoice dish [Florida, Tampa Bay] and I am wondering the correct sequence re peaking best signal strength. Locked on to satellite doing azimuth then elevation then skew...{average 70%} and would like to go higher that the sequence to go for peak reception...
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    missing local channels

    I am in Florida for the winter and not able to get my local channels from home..Indiana. Do I need put my Florida zip code in to get my locals from back home....they now come up blank. Get all the other channels I subscribe to. Thanks.
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    *Choice..losing channels

    I am in Florida with StarChoice. Worked fine for the first month and now almost daily I lose certain channels..but not all. I have two receivers and same results on both IRDs. What can I check out to see if my "settings" are correct? The LNB is double with 4 connections..does it matter where I...
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    ExpressVu in Florida

    [I amHaving problems in getting channels in Tampa Bay area. Receiver worked fine in Canada, arriving in Florida no channels???? Worked AOK last winter, got upgrade Bell card past summer and worked fine at home, however, here in the south no luck. Get good signal strength and get the INFO...
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    I am still learning about the ins and outs of satellite TV. Why is it that different TP's give different signal strengths? My "local" channels are on TP 15 and with rain fad my signal suffers. Other TP's give on average (for me) 70 to 80%. With 13-14-15 TP's I get on average 60%. I must also...