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    Question about programming

    I have just decided to upgrade my HD Tivo to the HR20, I got it totally free and didn't have to pay shipping. When I get the unit will my programming plan change? I currently have Total Choice Plus, HD service and DVR service. I didn't know if they would make me change to Plus HD DVR. If...
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    Fs: Rca Dtc-210

    I have a RCA DTC-210 HD receiver for sale. It comes with the manual, remote and I can throw in some cables. Asking, $150 (includes shipping). PM if you are interested. It works perfectly, I just got a HD-TIVO.
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    Dish 508 and 811 *eBay*

    811 For Sale 508 For Sale Thanks for looking.
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    FS: Dish 500 Dish

    Ok, have no idea what to do with this thing but the wife wants it out. It's basically the dish with the plastic Y (I think it's called a yolk). I have two Dual LNBF's one of the LNBF's has a chip at the bottom. There is no mast to the unit, can send a picture if you need one. Asking $50...
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    More Dish stuff for sale

    Ok, I have a Multi-Dish Switch SW64, with the videopath power inserter. Make me an offer. And I have two Dual LNBF's Dish part #214-5100-402. Make me an offer on these as well. You will also pay actual shipping costs by UPS.
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    FS: Dish 811 Receiver

    I am selling a Dish 811 HD receiver. Comes with remote, UHF antenna, and manual. I am asking $225 plus shipping. PM or e-mail me at There are no PPV charges on the receiver and it works great.
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    FS: Dish 508 Receiver

    I am selling a Dish 508 receiver. I switched over to D* and I am selling my stuff. It comes with two remotes, and manual. Remember no DVR fees associated with this receiver. I am asking $200 plus shipping, if you buy this I will throw in 3 PPV coupons. PM me if you are interested, or...
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    I am up and running...

    Oh man I enjoyed watching FOX HD today!! Enjoying everything this far just have to get used to new channel numbers, the guide and the remotes!! When I activated my account I got the TC-Premier with HBO/Max free for three months and 3 months of HD Pack for free. It's less that $80 with tax at...
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    Just got a scheduled installation

    Man am I excited, will get the Super Bowl in HD (since I live in the Memphis DMA!!). I went through DTV for installation (I know I'll probably get flamed for that but I am impatent and had to get the stuff), they are coming out next Saturday. A little more a month than what charges me, but I...
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    OK I am about to cancel Dish, what do I need to know

    I have called them twice to verify that I am under no committment to them, I verified that the equipment I have (508 and 811) are mine and that I have a 301 that is theirs from my initial contract. They said that the dishes and switches are mine as well. When do I need to cancel? I am going...
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    New Customer deals

    I am a current Dish subscriber and am really considering jumping ship. The large price increase and lack of ESPN2HD and I live in a O&O Fox market. Where is the best place for a new customer deal. I would like the HDTiVO and probably another SD TiVO for the bedroom. Just looking for some...
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    Anyone else experience this?

    I have been watching MNF OTA the past few weeks and everytime I watch it for a while I get this small black box that has some lettering in it, placed on the upper left hand corner of the screen. Looks like code of somekind. I can hit the info button on the remote and it goes away until the...
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    What's up with ESPN?

    Just turned it on to catch some college football and I get the Yankees vs. O's from Comcast Sports. I turn it to ESPNHD and the normal ESPN telecast is on. There was a banner on the screen saying to watch the football game turn to 146. Just wondering. Kind of strange.
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    Lets go ahead and get the ball rolling here...

    ESPNU Associated Press ESPN will launch a new multimedia college sports initiative in March 2005 that includes a new 24-hour television network and content from and ESPN The Magazine. ESPNU will also include information from ESPN Radio, ESPN Mobile (wireless) and ESPN Broadband...
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    YES! Will launch opening day (Link included)

    April Fools!!!!!!!!!!
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    811 Commitment?

    Hey is there any programming commitment when you buy the 811? I signed up to get one a couple of weeks ago and was just wondering. Thanks!
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    Just added my name on the list...

    For an 811, they said the approx. time to wait is 3 weeks. Yawn!!
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    HD Question

    I am going to get the Philips 30pw850h HD set and it doesn't have a DVI input on it, but I notice the 811 has DVI. Does this matter at all and will it affect my ability to get HD? Sorry if this seems like a silly question but I am new to HD and all I know is I want a HD set and enjoy the...
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    Anyone know how long the HDTV in a Box promotion will run?

    Just wondering and this may sound stupid but is there a payment option other than paying it all up front.
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    Memphis Locals are down

    Just a blue screen that says "we are experiencing technical difficulties please stand by" FYI