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  1. VMI90

    H20 CE?

    Anyone know if the H20 series will eventually get the HD UI? Or is it limited to the H21 and higher?
  2. VMI90

    Choice Ultimate : Free Preview

    Ok, so all last week I wasn't getting all the channels in the Choice Ultimate package. My current package is the Select Classic package, I was getting some new channels (DIY, TMC, Tennis Channel) but wasn't getting others (Spike, other movie channels). I called DirecTV on Saturday just to...
  3. VMI90

    Contract End Date?

    Is there any way to see when my current contract is up online? Or is calling in the only way to find out?
  4. VMI90

    How much to tip installer?

    I'm getting an upgrade to a DVR and D* has offered free installation. How much should I tip the installer? I'm not sure how much the installers are paid for an install and I want to make sure that he/she knows how much I appreciate their hard work. Thanks for the input.
  5. VMI90

    Adding HD DVR - Great CSR!

    I know that some people have had bad experiences with D* CSR's. I just wanted to add that the last couple of calls I made have been great. I am currently receiving free Showtime for the loyalty program. I called alst week to see if I could get HBO instead. They said they couldn't change it...
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    When is it HD?

    So I know that I'm new to the HD local experience. This evening I'm watching Entertainment Tonight. The guide says it's in HD, the program says it's in HD. My stereo was picking up the sound in 5.1 Dolby Digital, yet the screen was letterboxed. When something like this happens, where is the...
  7. VMI90

    Defective H20-600

    I received a call from DirecTV. Apparently the H20-600 has a design flaw? They verified my home address and made sure I had a 600. (I have 2 H20's). They are sending me a new receiver via Fedex which should be here in 2 to 5 days. Has anyone heard of these defaults? I'm wondering which...
  8. VMI90

    Upgrade to DVR questions

    Hello! I currently have two H20's set up in my home. I have wanted to upgrade to an HR20 (or HR21) for awhile, but have dragged my feet. Is it required to have two coaxial cables connected to the HD DVR receiver? I know it's not, but how diminished are my viewing/recording options if I only...
  9. VMI90

    PPV Refund

    I wanted to ask here what you guys thought before calling DirecTV. Has anyone called and received a refund for an ordered PPV due to a weather related outage? I ordered the Prelude to the Dream race yesterday. Well, the mid-atlantic area had severe thunderstorm and tornado watches. My...
  10. VMI90

    Any Virginia HD Locals?

    I already know the answer to my question, just a little frustrated. I know that with all the new HD we've gotten over this past year I should be happy, but when the majority of programming we watch are the local networks, it's hard not to be frustrated. Just imagine how I felt when on the...
  11. VMI90

    Samsung Remote Codes

    My co-worker upgraded to a HR21 receiver. They have an older Samsung model HDTV, and when the installer set up the remote it controls the volume, but does not turn the tv on and off. I know, minor inconvenience, but they hate having to have a separate remote just to turn the tv on and off. I...
  12. VMI90

    How do you qualify for HD DNS?

    I tried doing a search in past forums, but some of the info is dated (2006) so I'm not sure if it's still accurate with recent regulations. What exactly are the qualifications to receive the HD DNS? I read something about stations that are owned and operated and Locals in Local, but I wasn't...
  13. VMI90

    Ho big is the HD Local spotbeam?

    Hi! I know what I'm about to ask is against DirecTV's policy. I'm currently in the Richmond, VA area. I'm tired of waiting for the Richmond/Petersburg HD locals to be on D*. I know that I'll be moving to St. Louis, MO next summer where HD locals are available. I was thinking of "moving" :-)...
  14. VMI90

    List of cities for HD rollout?

    I apologize if this had already been listed, but with the recent launch of the new sattelite, has there been any sort of list of cities that D* plans to roll out local HD channels? Thanks!