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    61 and 72 switching...

    I asked this question another place and haven't gotten an answer yet. Here's my situation. Just had Dish & Hopper 2 installed yesterday. Everything OK yesterday when the installer left, but after he left I found the diagnostic page and checked the sig quality on 61 and 72 Shocked to see 45 and...
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    Refund from Best Buy?

    Anyone buy an "on sale" Orby receiver from Best Buy before it was known they were useless, and tried to get a refund? I've been thinking about giving it a shot but the store is about 35 miles from me. Checked my receipt and bought it 12-18-20, and looks like they only refund for 15 days and...
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    Miss my Orby...

    Well shoot..... after more than 20 years here with only FTA and OTA to watch, we decided to go with Orby, and that was great for us for a while, but ya know how that turned out! BUT SWMBO got spoiled by it, and now it's over, and she's beginning the "What about Dish" monologue. I've been...
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    So...after Orby, what next?

    Maybe this?
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    THIS TV subchannel

    A local OTA provider has several sub channels that we enjoy, but THIS TV has not been seen for several days. Anyone else lose this channel?
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    New meter..........

    Just bought a new SATLINK WS-6933 meter, and it works well except for 1 thing. It doesn't calculate the look angle correctly. For 103W in my location [85.3W 44.6N] it gives an azimuth of -155.6 when it should be +205, which of course is thousands of miles off. The elevation and skew are...
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    Need some meter help.......

    Is anyone familiar with this meter?: SATlink 3.5" DVB-S FTA Data WS-6906 I presently have a First Strike FS1 meter and I'm somewhat sheepish to admit I don't know how to get the best use out of it. Of course it's easy to just use the S and Q bars, which is what I have done the years I've owned...
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    Action E & W; Luken mux on 83W

    Has anyone been able to get a Titan TV listing for Action E and Action W, part of the Luken mux found on 83W? If you have, what channel identifier did you use? Drawing a blank searching "Action" or "The Action Channel". Thank you. Sky
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    Looking for a reliable channel editor....

    I have a Linkbox 8000HD Local receiver and am looking for a channel editor. I found an Ali channel editor but it won't let me enter PIDs and doesn't download reliably; that is, what is on it isn't always what ends up on the receiver. Also, when I edit a channel and click out of it, I get a...
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    99 west satellite.....?

    I'm using a 6' mesh B band dish and can no longer rx MY Network TV or Virgin Islands Mux. Maybe the dish needs repointed, or maybe they got switched to another bird or TP. Does anyone still get these, and if so, What freq, polarity and SR? I can't even find a listing for MY Network on any of the...
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    My Network TV gone?

    Can't find My Network TV where it usually is on 99.0W 4080 H 27780. Just me? Did they move? Are there any My Network TV affiliates in all those RTV affiliates on 87.0W? Missing my usual Wednesday night viewing of Burn Notice. SS
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    THC or BIO gone or moved?

    Yesterday I lost THC and BIO from 101W, is it just me again? SS ><>
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    Wussup with Weather Nation and Pursuit TV?

    I just got this OB S10 a couple of weeks ago, did a scan and couldn't get Q on 3736 B 14400 on 87W. A few days ago I thought I would try this tp again, got 75% and scanned in WN and Pursuit. Both seem to be good chans, but a couple of days ago they dropped off. Today I got them back again at...
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    Merry Christmas to my Satellite Guys family

    Since I can't physically give each of you a gift, I give the gift of a memory; I hope this will do: Ronald Reagan's Radio Program on Christmas under Communism "Someone sent me a Christmas item - yes, a Christmas item. It is 'The Nativity According to Marx & Lenin.' In these few months since...
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    What's your favorite Christmas song[s]?

    I hate Christmas elevator music, but I love the traditional "O Holy Night" and the not so traditional "All I want for Christmas is you": the original by Vince Vance and the Valiants. ss ><>
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    Royal Pain

    Anyone besides me sick of hearing about the Brit royals on TV? I would think even the Brits have bigger fish to fry than to expend so much time and energy fawning over celebrities. ss ><>
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    Funniest thing I have heard so far today.

    I just finished reading an article in an online Brit "newspaper" about the possibility of NASA sending a mission to Mars and leaving the astronauts there forever. Someone wrote a comment suggesting they send politicians instead! ss
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    Yeah, I have a question

    Found this ad in Craigslist Northern Michigan. Someone in Evart, MI wants $125 for their dish and rx and posted: "The deal of a Lifetime! C-band satellite dish and receiver. This white fiber glass dish is 13' across and looks like new. Comes with a c-band and ku-band LNB. The receiver is a...
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    Download a virus from E* 7?

    Is it possible to download a virus from a satellite? A while back when they scambled NASA and ION, I now remember at that time having problems getting rid of any channel that I had in my list that came from E* 7. Today, having forgotten the problems of the past. I decided to try to see what...
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    Celtic Woman

    I don't know if any of you are Celtic Woman fans, but they will be in concert [probably PBS fundraiser] on Wednesday the 4th at just before 9 PM EST on Montana PBS [125 W]. Saw them a while back during a fundraiser and have to say they have about the most heavenly voices on earth! Sky