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  1. Smitty7831

    Chicago residents - I need some advice

    My wife, 18 month old son and I are taking our first family vacation. We are heading to Chicago the 3rd week of September since my wife has never been there and I love Chicago. Anyway, we will be there right before my wife's birthday and I was hoping you could give me some advice where would...
  2. Smitty7831

    Channels Freezing?

    Has any one else had an issue with channels freezing? I guess that is the only way that I can explain it. My wife was watching the holiday marathons on TLC and Discovery and the video would freeze for a few seconds but the audio would keep going. It did it several times, so I switched over to...
  3. Smitty7831

    What's up with The Weather Channel?

    About a month ago the "Local On The 8's" interactive feature was working. Since the weather is starting to get nice in wonderful Northeast Ohio I decided to check last night and it is not working now. What gives? Is this working/not working for anyone else?
  4. Smitty7831

    My recent dealings with Dish (plus some ?'s)

    First, the back story: I upgraded to a Dish 1000 about a year ago. It was one of the biggest pains that I have ever dealt with. First, the tech was late (no big deal, he did call) and then the dish he had brought had a bad LNB. He had an old Dish 1000 in the truck and put that up along with...
  5. Smitty7831

    Hey Scott, what is with the MOJO avatar?

    Are you hinting at things to come? :D