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  1. Tigress

    No service-Meteor shower interference?

    I haven't had anything since around 11:30 p.m tonite, and was wondering if the meteor shower has anything to do with it. ???I rebooted the 622 and it still has nothing showing other than 'aquiring satellite signal' progress stays at '0'
  2. Tigress

    Pixellating only on ABC

    I occasionally have this problem with my HD channels due to weather, but every single time I watch a favorite program on ABC, I get green pixellation at some point in the program. None of the other OTA channels do this. I was wondering what causes this, and if anyone else has noticed this? It...
  3. Tigress

    Dish called me too

    Just got a call asking if I wanted to add Cinemax for 5.01 to what I have now. I can cancel it anytime if I don't like it (for a 5.00 fee). I plan on cancelling HBO in the next week or so, and have added Showtime for the BB after dark series. Anyone else get this offer?
  4. Tigress

    Billing problem

    I signed up for Dish in March. I got the 200 package, Dish HD, and the free 3 months HBO. Since that time, I have ended up paying for HBO once, and it seems they are trying to charge me for it again this month. I called them to get it straightened out, and of course I couldn't get someone who...
  5. Tigress

    Weather and Dish reception

    I live in West Central Wisconsin, and lately, we have been having these damned torrential rainstorms. They don't last long, but sometimes they aren't much at all, just normal rain. I am curious, is the Dish that touchy that the signal will go out? Or do I need to move my dish? Right now, its...
  6. Tigress

    Dvd recorder hookup help

    I just bought a RCA DRC8052 dvd recorder today. It was a steal at $79 bucks, so I thought I would try to hook it up to my 622 dvr and Polaroid 37' hdtv. The problem I am having is that the output on the 622 needs to be split off so I can still watch on the other tv. (Sony Trinitron-not hd) The...
  7. Tigress

    Dvr recording question

    Maybe this has been asked before, but I am wondering, if a show is set to record, and it goes over its time, will it keep on recording, or do I have to record the program following it as well? Tonight, its the Grey's Anatomy finale. It runs from 8 p.m cst to 9:15 p.m. Will the DVR record the...
  8. Tigress

    Rebate question

    Okay, I have the right rebate form (thanks to the people here) and I just have a couple questions. 1. Do I check both the boxes on the first section. One box says America's Top Programming and the other says Dish HD Programming. I have both, so I would check both boxes, right? 2. If I...
  9. Tigress

    Wow what a difference!

    I am so pleased with Dish. Not that I have ever even had satellite tv before, but I got the HD package, and all I can say is WOW! I have had my Polaroid 37" HDTV now for a month running with only basic cable. It looked ok, but I knew there had to be more. Discovery HD is one of the best visions...