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  1. Sasquatch04

    Clamp / Incline bracket FOR 1 meter offset Winegard

    Would appreciate if anyone knows where I could buy the clamp / incline bracket as per pic above Cheers,,
  2. Sasquatch04

    V-Box - Actuator problem

    Morning,, Have a little problem with either the V-Box 5 or the actuator Dish was at the outmost limit to the EAST,,moved and scanned from east to west no problems,,,set my limits east and west both in the receiver and v-box 5 with no problem,,,,once at the western most limit if I try to move...
  3. Sasquatch04

    Pics of my set-up

    Hiya folks,,,here are some pics of my set-up,,,, I want to thank all who helped out,,,especially Sergei,,,who provided me with the brackets !!! Many Tks to you again,, Now I am in the tuning phase,,,only sat I could get was ANIK F1R on c-band,,,,still off the arc,,,,the thing I do not...
  4. Sasquatch04

    In a bind (Mount set up)

    Good day folks,,, I am having a little bit of a problem setting up the mount,,,,, My location beeing latitude 46.9 and 71.19 longitude,,,,, I set my coarse latitude on the mount as per pic # 1 exactly at 46.9 degrees no problem,,,, As for latitude declination,,there lies my problem,,,,,I...
  5. Sasquatch04

    Geosat CK-1

    Evening folks,,, My Geosat CK-1 did not come with any set up instructions,but from reading a thread from this site,,,,it was mentioning that the aarow had to be positioned at 9 o'clock,,,,, Pls note from pic 1,,,,,the position is at abt 8 o'clock,,,now since the skewing has to normally be...
  6. Sasquatch04

    Ground pole and mount

    Good evening,,, I am finally getting to setting up my Zenith 10 fy BUD,,,,but I have a little problem,,,,,The guy I bought the dish from mentioned that the original owner had misplaced one part,,,,Now I just found out I guess that I am missing the mount cap,,,,,As you will notice from my...
  7. Sasquatch04

    Dish assembly

    Evenin' folks wondering if anyone has pics of a dish assembly (from the back),,,just got a Zenith 10' mesh and I feel I am missing some parts,,,,