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  1. wesleyc77

    DirecTV announces new local H/D DMA's(Local HD Programming In 76 Markets by Mid-2008)

    head ups? I was promised my locals back in OCT of 06. Still waiting, if its issue with having to pay LIN it cant be but so bad if both fios and cox can shell out money to carry them. D* seems to have the out of sight out of mind idea with norfolk.
  2. wesleyc77

    DirecTV announces new local H/D DMA's(Local HD Programming In 76 Markets by Mid-2008)

    how can you say kudos to D*. Half of those 77 DMA's dont have the CW or any stations owned by LIN. Just another marketing gimmick to make there stats look good.
  3. wesleyc77

    UFC and Boxing PPV

    I'm kinda pissed that with the new hd ppv channels they havent added an mpeg-4 equivalent to channel 98. Anyone know if they ever plan on it happen?
  4. wesleyc77

    Issues with trying to add HD Extra Pack Online

    I got a free yr of hd service last month for not having hd channels for a week. I wonder if next month i'll see a charge for the hd pack.
  5. wesleyc77

    QUick ? about HR20

    I would call the company doing the install and see if they have a hr20.
  6. wesleyc77

    Directv On Demand website finally Up

    The set up is pretty nice didn't notice any hd progams. Are they going to add hd shows while its still in beta mode?
  7. wesleyc77

    HBO Comedy

    Came back to D* this past summer and noticed no hbo comedy. I could have sworn that i had afew yrs ago when i D*. Can someone explain why its gone or if its comming back.
  8. wesleyc77

    Two Alaska Markets Get HD Locals

    It sucks hampton roads is dma 42 or 43. We have LIN to thank for no locals in hd. We were supposed to have them last oct.
  9. wesleyc77

    The DIRECTV HD Starship Puts the HD in High-Def with the World's Largest LED Screen

    yea this is a great promotion they should have used that money so i can get my hd locals so i could watch the game on D* instead of OTA. Most sports in HD my ass.
  10. wesleyc77

    What we are hearing...

    zap2it also list NHL and 606 Outdoor as being hd tommorow
  11. wesleyc77

    Which of your Locals has the worst HD PQ?

    i'm never getting hd locals w/ d*. I've been told for the last yr and half my hd locals are comming. I really hate the NY times and LIN. Va beach/Norfolk is ranked like number 43 and no effin hd locals. thanks d*
  12. wesleyc77

    New HD Channels Are On

    anyone know or herd anything about comedy central being added in HD?
  13. wesleyc77

    New HD Channels for 10/17/07

    I want spike in hd to watch UFC and i'd also like a few more hd ppv channels while the blue ray, hd dvd saga continues
  14. wesleyc77

    HD pack

    just wondering if hdnet or hdmovies will be mpeg 4 when this new package goes into effect.
  15. wesleyc77

    Upgraded to hd-dvr

    i just upgrated to a hd dvr from the standard hd reciever. I know some people have had issues with them, so on that note is there a certain hr20 i should ask for or is it just what the guy has on the truck?
  16. wesleyc77

    Local Channel's in HD?

    I just recently saw were D* added HD access for my locals (va beach). But no hd channels. I know LIN is a big reason why we don't have hd locals. anyone know why i would have hd locals on my plan but not get them.
  17. wesleyc77

    If you are having trouble...

    480-----yes 481-----yes 498-----yes 9300----no get channel not purchesed 9301----yes
  18. wesleyc77

    Continuing Coverage from the Directv Entertainment Expo.

    I work at ups and deliver to afew contractors on my route. They keep telling me the 19th. They all have different stories though to how many channels will go live. I just hope they have TBS-HD by the time the playoff start
  19. wesleyc77

    Superfan Question

    I thought this yr the Game Mix and Short Cuts were going to be in HD? Anyone know if this will happen when the new channels roll out.
  20. wesleyc77

    Will new national HD go live on 9/12/07???

    reset my recever within last hr and programming past 12 is little to none. so i'm thinking a new guide with the channels will be there at midnight. but i've herd so much bs in the last yr i'm prob wrong.