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  1. Blackloz

    Dead HR22 & Dying HR24

    I own both these units and they need new hard drives. Can I use any 2TB drives? I was thinking about WD Purple drives. Someone mentioned that the HR24 drive needs to be 2.5” but I'm not sure. I was also thinking about going external but I think the eSATA docking stations are hard to find now...
  2. Blackloz

    211K EHD issue

    I was over at my elderly neighbors yesterday and he has a 211K that he’s had for years I installed a 2 TB ehd for him about 3 years ago and every so often when deleting recorded events the receiver will lock up and reboot. He says this sometimes happens twice in a day or not at all for weeks on...
  3. Blackloz

    Bell 9500 Whole Home DVR

    I’ve purchased two Bell 9500’s which should be delivered to my Canadian address by Friday. I’m going to be using them here in ND and want to buy the right switches. I’m already running a DPP44 but I will need another one. I see two listed on amazon that are the same yet different. Does anyone...
  4. Blackloz

    External Hard Drive Enclosure For HR44

    Who would have thought that it was going to be difficult to find an enclosure for a friends HR44? I sold him a 3TB Western Digital Purple Drive I never ended up using with my 44 back when I was a DirecTV subscriber. We went to three different computer shops and no one had what we needed. As a...
  5. Blackloz

    Wiring Diagram for legacy equipment

    I’m trying to setup two legacy SW44’s for a friend who uses large single dishes instead of DPP equipment. He wants to add a fifth receiver. Is there a diagram out there? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Blackloz

    After 18 years it’s time to Say Goodbye D*

    Kind of. I can no longer justify paying for two Satellite subscriptions in two different countries any longer. I’ve finally had enough. As of July 1st Bell & DirecTV will both be shut down. I’m going with OTA and Amazon Prime with a NVIDIA Shield or Minix Neo 9H and DirecTV Now. With a VPN I...
  7. Blackloz

    Strange pop up

    Funny thing, wife and I are on the couch and she has Hallmark M&M on and I’m on my phone not paying much attention but happen to glance up and I see this pop up. I’ve never seen anything like this before as long as I’ve had DirecTV. I asked my wife if she’s seen this before and she’s asleep.
  8. Blackloz

    DirecTV Now & TiVo

    Does anyone know if DirecTV Now is available on the TiVo Bolt Vox? My friend is dropping DTV and going with TiVo Bolt Vox for OTA and DTV Now thru his TV. If there was an app through the Bolt it would be more centralized. Depending on how it all works out I might try it out as well as I...
  9. Blackloz

    Genie Recommends

    I’ve Had my HR44 since 2014 and back then the Genie Recommends wasn’t bad it even picked up the odd show I liked. Lately it’s all garbage. All it’s been recommending is pay per view. I never have and never will purchase a pay per view. Why is that all it’s “Recommending” now? I’m probably going...
  10. Blackloz

    Strange Occurrence

    As I do most nights I was watching tv on the main setup HR44 and started getting tired and as usual I shut everything off including the HR44 and went into the bedroom and turned on the bedroom tv & H24 and was going to continue to watch the show so I get all comfortable and hit list and start...
  11. Blackloz

    Heroes & Icon Channel Or Not?

    Here in N.D. We have Heroes & Icons channel but lately it seems to be pre-empted more and more with local garbage. I’m all about local support but why don’t they have their own separate channel to air local programs. Why continue to pre-empt a separate channel. I don’t know how H&I put up with...
  12. Blackloz

    What LNB & Switch

    For a setup that is going to be HR54, three HR24, one H25 & 4K Client. What switch & LNB are needed? I know it’s a reverse band I just don’t know how many tuners it gives.
  13. Blackloz

    Question About DirecTV 4K & The Future

    I'm a proud new owner of Panasonic's new EZ1000 OLED and it along with my other Panasonic sets from last year(I have two DX900's one at the Canadian home and one here that I just moved upstairs) are slated to receive the HLG update this year(Along with HDR10+ on the EZ1000) and I'm told it's...
  14. Blackloz

    Guide Change

    I wonder if DirecTV changed their guide. I see that none of my upcoming shows have the S./E. heading anymore in my HR44. I wonder if they dropped that feature.
  15. Blackloz

    DirecTV Cold Calls?

    Is this something new? I got a call yesterday from someone claiming to be with DirecTV(number was unknown) and asked me about my service. She said that looking at their records it shows I last upgraded equipment to the HR44 in May/14 I said yes that's right. Then she asked if I had a 4K tv I...
  16. Blackloz

    4K Mode 1 & Mode 2 Standard?

    At first I had Panasonic DX900 & UB900 with Onkyo TX-NR1030 using duel HDMI as the Onkyo only has limited 4K. For the longest time the UB900 was showing my tv as 8 bit which is wrong as I know it is a 10 bit panel. Last Friday I buy a Yamaha RX-A2060 and run all through the AVR and the Yamaha...
  17. Blackloz

    HR44 Conflicts Popping Up Lately

    Over the last while I've noticed recording conflicts on the HR44. For whatever reason it's not using all 5 tuners it's only using 4. At first I thought it was because of the buffer I have set on all my shows but it's never been an issue before. So I then did a test and started recording 5 shows...
  18. Blackloz

    Picture freezes on live tv HR44

    I noticed that my HR44 started freezing on live tv again. It was doing this about a month ago and stopped. It does not affect any recorded content just live tv. I noticed that the cables connected to the P.I were loose. I tightened them up and rebooted the 44. Hopefully that works
  19. Blackloz

    Questionable HR44 Behavior

    Tonight I turned on the HR44 it was fine and after a few minutes I switched over to Bell for about 40 minutes. After I switched back to the HR44 it was frozen on the channel it was on. I switched it to the local NBC which ran for about 4 mins then also froze. I did a clear my box and after it...
  20. Blackloz

    Strange new issue

    Today I finally hooked up my Panasonic TC65AX900 with everything going through my Onkyo TX-NR1030 since my new Yamaha hasn't arrived yet. I had Input 1: HR44 Input 2: Bell 9400 Input 3: Samsung K8500 / HDCP 2.2 Input 4: Panasonic BDP Input 5: PS4 All was working as I set the AVR to Auto so...