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  1. IntelPennny4

    question about arc tracking

    hello everyone. so i’m thinking about upgrading my farm to only two dishes. i have six now but want downgrade and move onto motors bc all my dishesnow are stationary. i know what kinda wire i need and also know i need a mover aka controller for the motors. i only want to track like six birds...
  2. IntelPennny4

    C-Band dish blanket

    im looking for a dish blanket. something that covers the dish and dont stick to the blanket. i have seen them around on some headend dishes. if anyone knows where to buy them or has any ideas thanks
  3. IntelPennny4

    which ku dish?

    so im going to be buying a 1.2 ku dish bc thats the biggest ill need for my area. wanted to know if a geosatpro or a channel master was better. let me know and ill go from there thanks
  4. IntelPennny4

    BIRD 131 W

    hello everyone good day. i wanted to know if 131 w is shutting down and if so are they going to launch a new one in the same position? what happens to the networks on that bird? thanks to all
  5. IntelPennny4

    question about F/D

    so im setting up another dish image that. i need help with the F/D. i know what it is .42 but do i set it to the outside the ring or inside the ring? thanks
  6. IntelPennny4

    QAM Modulator Question

    Hello i hope that im in the right spot to ask this question. i need help with a qam modulator. i want to combine my cable which is also qam signal to a HDMI source. i have already notch out the MHz i want to use which is channel 97 (102-108mhz) channel 30 here for my cable. i think i have a...
  7. IntelPennny4

    OTHER ACM Receviers

    hello im looking for people to post what STB that can handle ACM for the MC Channnels. i already know that the hdvr3500 can but with problems.
  8. IntelPennny4

    OTHER MultiSwitch questions

    hello everyone got some questions again about multiswitch. looking to be able to use four sats and be able to use up to 16 STB. if anyone could like me know if there is a multiswitch they would know of or could point me into the right place. i have looked around and having some problems finding...
  9. IntelPennny4

    Need help

    hello i need help with something and i really hope that im in the right spot and if im not im sorry and just let me know where to go and ask. so heres what i need help with. i have two rf modulator 3/4 channel type and want to combine the two together. one signal on channel 3 and another on...
  10. IntelPennny4

    Orby TV DVR STB

    hey everyone wanted to know if anyone knows what size the hard drive is on the DVR? and also wanted to know how many tuners it has. i know it has to have at least 2 because you need one to record and one to watch TV when recording. im also wondering if the hard drive is a 3.5" or a 2.5" aka...
  11. IntelPennny4

    Directv Dishes

    so i want to know if there is a way to use three dishes instead of one. i know i need 99 101 103 satellites. can i just use a 36" dish and put a directv single lnb on it from a 18" dish? thanks
  12. IntelPennny4

    Can it be Done???

    im sure this has been asked before but im asking again. i want to use a 10' mesh dish for three birds at the same time. 131w 127w 125w what i want to know can it be done?????? thanks
  13. IntelPennny4

    need help

    could someone with Digicipher 2 receiver scan bird 131w 4020 H 29270 3/4 and 133w 3828 V 14630 3/4 i want to know if those channels are FTA they should be TV guide network and TLC and animal planet and some others thanks
  14. IntelPennny4

    Got another 10FT

    well i got another 10ft. i saw it when i was driving and stopped and asked the old man that lived there. he told me his life story which is ok bc i like listening :). he told me to come back another day when it was more dry so today was the dry day i got it in the front lawn. string test is good...
  15. IntelPennny4

    139W AMC 8

    if anyone can get this bird can you please post the channels you can scan in. thank you
  16. IntelPennny4

    this lnb good for KU band?????????

    i want to use one of my 36" dish that i use for dish long time ago and want to buy this lnb but dont know if it will work for me
  17. IntelPennny4

    CAN I????

    so i wanted to know if i could use a 10ft dish for two birds. i know i can but... can i get say 101w and 99w??? they are only 2 degrees so i dont know if i can or not? i want to use the dual scalar ring or quad scalar ring. what is the degrees that those scalar rings need to be?????????? i want...
  18. IntelPennny4


    so im posting this to see what PPL are using for 4K STB??????????? what are you using and why do u like it? im looking to get a 4K STB but want to hear what ppl got to say. zgemma h7 octagon sf4008 dreambox dm900 vu+ solo 4k gigablue uhd ue 4k let me know
  19. IntelPennny4

    OTHER question about switches

    hello everyone :) im here today becasuse i wanted to know if this switch would work in my c-band setup? model of switch is JVI 35-DN34 ill post picture too. let me know if it will work for c-band and if so do i have to have dual lnbf
  20. IntelPennny4

    Titanium Dual LNB Problems :(

    So I have been having a lot of problems with my titanium dual LNB. i have two STB hook to it and when one STB is turn on it works fine but when both are on the signal drops and dont get anything at the STB. i have try both ports and does it on both. i did notice that LNB port 2 doesnt always...