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  1. myron243

    Hopper/Joey BB, VOD and DLNA Problems

    Install yesterday and after last night's update the Hopper seems to be fully functional. Well, I haven't tried to put very many timers on it yet. It does have Blockbuster@Home, VOD and the DLNA works. One Joey has BB and VOD but no DLNA. The other Joey doesn't have BB, VOD or DLNA. I tried...
  2. myron243

    Hopper/Joey Timer Question/Issue

    I was setting up timers on 1 of the Joeys. When I tried to set a timer for Justified from the guide that program was locked and required a password. Tried one of the movies on FX and the timer set ok. Went to the Hoppper and was able to set the Justified timer without the password. No biggie...
  3. myron243

    Tech Will Be Here in About 15 Minutes

    My appointment window was 12 - 5 so he's within that. After reading some of the install problems, trials and tribulations here I hope he doesn't have to work overtime. If he does I guess I'll order some Papa John's. :D At least everything has been moved off the 922 to the EHD so I'm that far...
  4. myron243

    922 EPG And DST

    Just noticed the EPG on my 922 has already adjusted for next Sunday morning. Not so my 722K.
  5. myron243

    My 922 Doesn't See Twonky on my Cell Phone, Revue Does

    I put Twonky on my Android phone to play around with. When I bring up Home Media on the 922 it sees Playon, TVersity and Windows Media Player on my desk top PC and Windows Media Player on my lap top but not Twonky on my EVO. When I bring up Logitech Media in the Revue Twonky is there. And works...
  6. myron243

    Multiple EHDs

    I thought I remembered someone posting the 922 would recognize both USB ports at the same time. I tried and it found both EHDs. I didn't like having one plugged in the front all the time so today i got a $13 4 port hub at the Shack. Plugged both EHDs into it and plugged it into the back...
  7. myron243

    Dish Remote Access Not Playing Nice With Firefox

    I just logged on to my account using Firefox. I clicked Dish Remote Access and after about 30 or 45 seconds Firefox said Done but there was a blank screen. I tried a couple of more times then cleared my cache and tried again. Nada. Closed FF, opened IE, logged on, clicked DRA and it popped...
  8. myron243

    Screen Position and Mitsubishi

    I tried to reposition the guide. The logos on the left are cut off a bit but the continuation arrows on the right are just right. The top is just right but the bottom is cut off. If I correct the left and bottom the right and top are cut off a bit. I was told by the CSR that it is a known...
  9. myron243

    625 Search Problem

    My 625 will not find a show on the major networks but will find them on other channels. I can tell it to search for Cold Case for example and it will not find new episodes on the CBS channel but will find reruns on TNT. I tried 24 and it doesn't find the new episodes on Fox but does find...