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  1. scots

    The YouTube TV Thread

    That's apparently only on Roku and possibly Fire TV? At least at the moment. I have Apple TV and the new Chromecast with Google TV, and neither one is doing this.
  2. scots

    Just Canceled

    I canceled mine a year ago. They still send me letters in the mail trying to get me to sign back up. When I told the rep I wanted to cancel, he asked me if it was due to cost - and that he had some special offers if that was the reason. I told him that I stream Slacker Radio in my car for...
  3. scots

    I want to swap a 4k Mini Genie for a Wireless Mini - DTV says no

    I suggest you keep that copy until you're positive the charge won't come up - and possibly a little while after that. I upgraded to the 4K equipment when it first became available. I tried doing the upgrade over the phone. I knew what equipment I needed, but the phone reps were totally...
  4. scots

    ATT wireless discount for Directv NOW?

    There used to be a discount if you had the newest unlimited wireless plan. The discount started off as $25/month off of DIRECTV Now, then it got dropped down to $15/month off of DIRECTV Now, and now the discount is completely gone for new folks. People who got the discount when it was being...
  5. scots

    called to cancel service

    I called and canceled week before last. The rep asked if cost was why I was wanting to cancel, as he saw one of the radios was about to renew in a couple days. I told him there were several reasons I wanted to cancel, but cost was a big reason. He said he had some promotions he could offer...
  6. scots

    called to cancel service

    My other half and I both currently have subscriptions in our Toyotas. We've had satellite radio since Sirius first started. I even own SiriusXM stock which I bought for dirt cheap at 43 cent a share when it took at nose dive right after the merger, and is now at $5.60 a share. I just don't...
  7. scots

    I work in retentions for DirecTV.. ask me anything you want to know

    If you tell them you're going with DIRECTV Now streaming when you cancel DIRECTV satellite service, does that stop them from trying to keep you on or get you back as a satellite customer? I moved to a new house in April which has AT&T Fiber gigabit. I called to cancel on a Sunday right after...
  8. scots

    What To Do With AM21?

    I used to sell stuff on eBay all the time, but I got to a point where I absolutely hated it. I'd rather just throw it in the trash than deal with eBay. LOL
  9. scots

    What To Do With AM21?

    I bought a new house about a month ago and it has AT&T gigabit fiber internet, so I cut the cord and just do streaming and OTA antenna now. DIRECTV has received their equipment back, and I'm not missing the big bill from them. I have an AM21 left over. I can't do anything with it now without...
  10. scots

    Sling TV Guide vs. DTV NOW program guide

    That's pretty much the only major complaint in my house about Sling - the guide. I'm kind of used to it now, but I'd still much prefer a "traditional" grid style guide - especially when I have no idea what channel or show I want to watch. A grid is much better when I want to have a quick...
  11. scots

    Radio services with traffic, etc.?

    I had two Ford Escapes in the past (2009 & 2013), and they both had nav system that utilized the Sirius TravelLink service - weather, traffic, fuel prices, sports scores, etc. I don't think mine came with 5 years, though. I thought it was something like 6 months. My 2015 Toyota 4Runner gets...
  12. scots

    called to cancel service

    We've had Sirius since it first started, and I'm planning on cancelling both subscriptions when they come up for renewal later this year. All of our vehicles had Sirius radios until we each got 2015 Toyotas, which use the XM system. The sound quality is much worse than our Sirius radios were...
  13. scots

    Canceling Question

    I'm going to have gigabit fiber internet at my new house, so I'm going with streaming. Probably Sling.
  14. scots

    Canceling Question

  15. scots

    Canceling Question

    Will I need to send the LNB back to DIRECTV when I cancel? Anything else I'll need to return other than the receivers? I'm going to be moving next month. The original plan was to close on the new house on April 7 and then close on my current house April 13, giving me about a week to have a...
  16. scots

    AT&T Unlimited Plus - $25 D* Discount

    My new house is going to have gigabit fiber internet from AT&T, so I had already planned on dropping DIRECTV for a streaming option. Got excited when I found out the new unlimited plan would get me $25/month off DTV Now...until I found out I'd lose my 17% FAN discount, which made it not so...
  17. scots

    $25 off DirecTV or DirecTV Now with AT&T Unlimited Plus

    My Cricket SIM card that I got for free on Amazon is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. WiFi calling and VoLTE are coming to Cricket this year.
  18. scots

    $25 off DirecTV or DirecTV Now with AT&T Unlimited Plus

    I'm moving to a new house soon that will have AT&T gigabit internet, so I've decided to drop DIRECTV and go streaming to save some money. I was originally leaning towards Sling, as it has most of the channels we want at the best price. Then I heard about the new AT&T unlimited plan that has...
  19. scots

    AT&T Service Question

    Yeah - this builder installs HDMI outlets (also coax) down beside the fireplace up to above the fireplace in the living room in all their houses. I'm also having them run ethernet around the house. They're doing that plus a bunch of other things no extra charge. I made several changes to the...
  20. scots

    AT&T Service Question

    Yes, U-verse is a 1-year contract. We liked it before when we had it at our old house (which was on copper DSL), so I'm sure it would be just as good (if not better) over fiber. After talking it over with my other half we're now thinking about cutting the cord and just going with streaming...