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  1. TulsaCoker

    DISH Network Reports Fourth Quarter and Year End 2010 Financial Results

    How did you figure that? Could not see where Dish made more "profit" then DirecTV
  2. TulsaCoker

    HD Extra Pack

    i think it's well worth the 4.99. MGM, HD Net movies plust the other two you mentioned.
  3. TulsaCoker

    Is this statement true or false?

    Funny, I'm the opposite. native texan (san antonio) moved to oklahoma 22 years ago and have lived in tulsa the past 15 years. :D
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    Is this statement true or false?

    Your welcome, and your right, CSR should be able explain how Whole home DVR's work
  5. TulsaCoker

    Is this statement true or false?

    Widescreen........Beats, Bears....Battlestar Galactic :D
  6. TulsaCoker

    Is this statement true or false?

    True statement but with an asterisk.... One of the DVR programs has to be seen on the TV where the DVR is connected. You can only "stream" one DVR program to another TV connected somewhere else at a time.
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    DIRECTV Announces New HD!

    She would but you would not be happy :D
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    DirecTV installed HR20 instead of HR24 for new customer install!

    hey about a month ago I had D* install service in a guest bedroom. I got a kick out of the brand new receiver he pulled out of the box, and H20. Was hoping for the H24 but didn't mind at atleast matches all my other recievers :D
  9. TulsaCoker

    upgrade sd to hd recievers, free?

    You typically get the best deals when your out of commitment or getting very close and keep in mind if you go back to Dish their monthly receiver fee's are very high....a lot higher then DirecTV and what you were paying back when you had Dish.
  10. TulsaCoker

    Just Switched To Direct - Formatting ? and Oline Schedule ?

    I'll answer the last question. Yes in edit guide you can create two custom lists. Most (if not all) make a favorite list and filter out all the PPV and channels you don't get.
  11. TulsaCoker

    Switching from Dish to DirecTV... DVR Question

    just curious mij but do you have it set to a 30 second skip or 30 second slip? You can change it to a real skip instead of the slip (super fast forward). I think the DVR are set to slip by default.
  12. TulsaCoker

    DIRECTV Announces New HD!

    One for sure is GolTV.....and i would venture to guess one or two more nationals.....maybe cooking HD and BBCHD but it could be IFC HD since that was being test a while back but it's anyones guess right now.
  13. TulsaCoker

    DIRECTV Announces New HD!

    Gotcha... good to know. Here's hoping you get them with D*. For me I have Starz so I'm all set and have more Starz HD then any provider
  14. TulsaCoker

    DIRECTV Announces New HD!

    Skottey, I was reading your sig about Fiso having all HBO and Max channels, if I understand correctly I think Fiso just dropped 4 or 5 from their lineup. So the gap is getting closer :D
  15. TulsaCoker

    DIRECTV Announces New HD!

    Isn't TMCX a part of the Showtime package? :confused: If so it seems to reason you need to sub to either Showtime or the Ultimate package to get it but maybe I'm wrong
  16. TulsaCoker

    iPad Case & Screen Protector Recommendations

    Bought my wife one too for here birthday last weekend. Ended up getting the Incase sleeve from the Apple store. Works good but is does not have any handles when you cary it around. As for screen protector we didn't get one, from what I have seen and read it's a waste and not needed.
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    I cancelled after 10 years and they still want disconnection fees.

    Well I have been with DirecTV since 1996 and just this past two weeks added a additonal HD receiver to a guest bedroom. On the phone when I called the CSR stated very clearly it comes with a two year agreement and when the installed came out a few days letter there were big letters on the form I...
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    Apple IPAD Owner's Thread

    Thanks Don, that exactly what I was wondering and thinking about on printing... boarding passes, etc on the go and recipes for cooking. I was hoping to get my Macbook back ;) Hopefully an app is not too far off on allowing this. As far as memory I will go with the 64 gigs. $100 is not much for...
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    Rumor is around June or July
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    Thoughts on coming from the HR-20 to the HR-23

    I'm in the same boat so I have my fingers crossed that mine and yours last until summer ;)