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  1. larrykenney

    Low VHF working well

    We now have stations on all Low VHF channels in the San Francisco Bay Area, one full power on channel 5 and four low power on the other channels. Reception seems to be working well for us, despite all the comments I've heard about power interference and noise. The full power station on channel...
  2. larrykenney

    KGO, San Francisco, on Aux. antenna until May 1

    KGO has had to move to their Auxiliary antenna for the next several months so that their old main antenna can be removed and replaced with their new antenna for channel 12 plus a new channel 7 antenna for KRON, moving to 7 from 38. Several viewers have reported completely losing the KGO signal...
  3. larrykenney

    New Free Voice Remote

    I received an email from Dish saying that a new voice remote for my receiver was being mailed to me at no charge. I didn't order it, so I was wondering if others are also getting the new remote. Larry
  4. larrykenney

    San Francisco DX

    I broke a record last evening for most distant station received at my home in San Francisco. At 10:10 pm I received KSBY 6 - RF 15, a San Luis Obispo station that's 193 miles south south east from here! Prior to this KNVN 24, also RF 24, transmitting from the bluffs east of Red Bluff was my most...
  5. larrykenney

    Court TV now on KRON

    Today, May 8, KRON 4.4 started carrying Court TV programming. Larry
  6. larrykenney

    KAXT/KTLN now Weigel Broadcasting - SF Bay Area

    As of April 17 at midnight, Weigel Broadcasting became the owners of KAXT and KTLN which are sharing on RF 42 from Mt. Allison. At that time all of the programming changed. KAXT has nothing on virtual 1.1 and has "Decades" in SD on virtual 1.2. KTLN has "Heroes and Icons" in HD on 68.1 and...
  7. larrykenney

    KAXT 1 / KTLN 68 SF Bay Area New ownership/new programming

    Two nights ago Weigel Broadcasting became the owners of two stations in the San Francisco/San Jose Market - KAXT virtual 1 and KTLN virtual 68. Both are low power stations sharing on RF 42. KAXT is now broadcasting "Decades" in SD on 1.2, and KTLN has "Heroes and Icons" on 68.1 and MeTV on...
  8. larrykenney

    Smoke hindering propagation

    For the past week or so, we've been sitting in a cloud of smoke here in the San Francisco Bay Area blowing in from the Camp Fire that destroyed Paradise, CA and the surrounding area and is still burning. During this period I've noticed that signals from the Sacramento/Stockton stations...
  9. larrykenney

    Decades Replaced by StartTV

    Here in San Francisco, KPIX, the CBS O&O, has replaced "Decades" on 5.2 with "StartTV". Has this happened at all of the CBS stations? Larry
  10. larrykenney

    Sharing complete in SF Bay Area

    As of 10 am this morning, 7/20, the last station of the eight that agreed to go off the air in the San Francisco Bay Area turned off their transmitter. The sharing deals are complete for seven stations; the eighth station decided not to share. Many viewers are not happy with the changes...
  11. larrykenney

    Guide Info Incorrect for OTA stations

    In recent weeks I've noticed that the Guide listings for several OTA stations is incorrect. Not only is the programming wrong, but the name of the channel is also wrong. It looks something took the Guide information, shuffled it and put it back in the guide in random order. Has anyone else...
  12. larrykenney

    No Signal - total confusion in San Francisco

    At midnight this past Sunday night KTSF virtual 26, RF 27, turned off their transmitter on Mt. San Bruno, five miles south of San Francisco, and started sharing with KDTV virtual 14, RF 51. They informed their viewers to simply re-scan and they would continue to receive channel 26. Hundreds of...
  13. larrykenney

    HD8200U works great!

    I had a new Winegard HD8200U antenna installed this past Friday and it's working great! I'm finding that it has a much sharper pick up range, though, compared to my old 10 element high VHF yagi and XG91 combination. A couple of degrees either way can make the difference between a perfect...
  14. larrykenney

    BREAKING NEWS: FCC Approves Next-Gen TV for OTA Broadcasting

    In a 3-2 vote along party lines, the FCC has authorized broadcasters to begin voluntary over-the-air transmission of next-generation television based on the ATSC 3.0 standard. Details here from "TV Technology": FCC Approves Next-Gen TV For OTA Broadcasting Larry
  15. larrykenney

    SF Sutro Tower Antenna Changes

    There's a new document on the Sutro Tower web site showing the existing antenna configuration and the repack configuration. I thought some of you might be interested in the changes. Larry
  16. larrykenney

    EHD now in DVR List

    Starting yesterday my External Hard Drive is showing up in my DVR listing on my Hopper 3. Right next to the "Rentals" box is a symbol showing two hard drives, labeled 1 and 2. If I click on 2 the DVR listing changes from programs saved on the internal hard drive to those saved on my external...
  17. larrykenney

    Suggestion: Give Location in Title

    When you're mentioning updates, changes, etc. for a specific area, it would be nice to mention the call letters or the location in the title. For example, something like "10.2 ME-TV" doesn't mention the station call letters or the location, so no one knows where it is. Including "KXYZ 10.2...
  18. larrykenney

    Over the air... really?

    I've been amazed in the past few weeks at how many people don't know that OTA TV exists. They know about cable and satellite TV, and now are hearing about TV via the internet, but a friend did a survey here locally in San Francisco and a large number of people didn't know that you could connect...
  19. larrykenney

    Great Tuner in Sony 850D

    I just purchased a new 65-inch Sony XBR-65X850D 4K TV, and not only does it have the best picture I've ever seen, but the tuner in it is fantastic! Beats out any other tuner I've ever tried. I got a list of 113 stations in my first scan! Turning the antenna I added 12 more. I'm using a...
  20. larrykenney

    Weird Sub-Channel numbering

    There's a new low power station on the air in Sacramento, CA, KAHC-LD virtual 45, transmitting on channel 34 with 15 kW. But look at this! This is their list of sub-channels. Note the very weird numbering. 45.1001 - Laff TV 45.1002 - Test Pattern 45.1003 - Cozi TV 45.1004 - LCHD 45.1005 -...