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  1. mdanderson

    Using tv speakers with uverse receiver

    I had everything hooked up yesterday and I wanted to know if it is possible to just use the tv speakers on my Panasonic hdtv when watching uverse tv. I don't always want to fire up my full home theater sound system when watching uverse. I currently have an hdmi cable going straight to my tv from...
  2. mdanderson

    Can't get HDNM or Universal HD

    I can no longer receive HDNet movies or Universal HD. Ever since they did away with the 70 something channel numbers for these, I can no longer get the new channels which are 259 and 552 I believe. I get the searching for signal. I called Directv and they said they would have to send someone...
  3. mdanderson

    Missing PBS local HD channel

    All of my locals showed up after my install this week except the HD version of my local PBS affiliate. The SD channel shows up in the channel listing but the HD one. Any help on what I can do? Thanks. Matt
  4. mdanderson

    Installed yesterday-so far, so good

    I had my install yesterday and I am really glad I ended up with a tech who was very polite and professional. He drove his own truck and certainly knew what he was doing. I live in an apartment and he had me up and running in about an hour. He used a double bracket on the railing of my balcony...
  5. mdanderson

    Install this Monday-HR21 or HR20?

    My scheduled install is this Monday am. Should I ask for a particular HD DVR or does it really matter? I have all the necessary cables like HDMI and digital coax as well as toslink for the audio. I have one HD TV to hookup and I have an OTA ant that I use to receive local channels. I live in the...
  6. mdanderson

    Scheduled install -no show/no call

    My DirecTV install was scheduled for today between 8am and 12pm. They did not show up and did not call. I had to call in the afternoon and they tried to get a hold of the installer but were unsuccessful. They tried to get an alternate installer but were unable to do that according to the CSR...
  7. mdanderson

    FSN SW-HD question

    Is FSN SW-HD available included in the Plus HDDVR package? I just signed up today and noticed that FSN SW-HD shows up in the Premier package but not the Plus HDDVR package. Thanks for any info. Matt
  8. mdanderson

    2 year committment and package question

    I am really thinking about going to Directv but the 2 year agreement is making me leary about the whole thing. The cancellation policy, according to one of Directv's CSRs, says it is $20.00 for each remaining month left in your agreement. I think that is rather steep but I understand they do...
  9. mdanderson

    What channels are on 61.5 satellite?

    I tried to do a search of what is carried on this satellite but I could not find an answer. Does anyone have a link that would show what is on this satellite? Does Dish plan on keeping this satellite operational? 61.5 is the only one I can get due to the location of my apt. Thanks. Matt
  10. mdanderson

    No new HD in Garland,Tx.

    I thought about going back to TWC but the new HD channels that were recently added are only available in Dallas, Mesquite, Plano and Richardson. TWC said Garland would not get them until the end of the year. I don't see why they can't do it now.
  11. mdanderson

    Unsuccessful Dish install today

    Dish Network came out today and was not able to get a strong enough signal to continue with the rest of the installation. He said there was a good size tree that was blocking the signal. I had Dish about 4 or 5 years ago and was able to get service but I guess things have changed with their...
  12. mdanderson

    Dish HD stand alone package?

    Does Dish offer any kind of HD only package? Thanks for any info. Matt
  13. mdanderson

    HDNet now on TWC in Dallas

    I actually live in Garland,Tx. but as of last Thursday I have been receiving HDNet and Universal HD. HDNet looks very good and I would have to say it looks as good as INHD. I am glad they added these channels since INHD2 has gone away. Anyone heard about them adding ESPN2 HD anytime?
  14. mdanderson

    No more INHD2 in Garland,TX.(Dallas)

    :mad: Well the new TWC channel lineup went into effect yesterday and I don't have INHD2 anymore. I called and they said it had been removed even though several weeks ago they said it would remain when the new channel lineup started. This is very disappointing because I really like INHD2 and the...
  15. mdanderson

    6412-DVI to HDMI connection

    Anyone using a DVI to HDMI connection on their 6412 box and how well does it work? My next hdtv will have a HDMI input only and I was going to get one of those DVI to HDMI cables but I wonder what success others have had using this. I could upgrade by box for one of the new Comcast boxes with...
  16. mdanderson

    Dish BronzeHD package question

    I called Dish and was quoted $56.00 for the BronzeHD package with no locals and the 211 receiver. I am a former Voom subscriber and Dish customer prior to that. Is this the best deal I can get for this package? What about these adds I get in the mail offering lower prices? Dish also told me that...
  17. mdanderson

    Muting problem with DVR 6412

    I think this may have been mentioned before but when I turn on the tv while the dvr is recording something, it sends the receiver into a mute mode. I can't do anything until after the recording is over. Thanks for any help. Matt
  18. mdanderson

    Comcast installed today in Dallas

    I just had Comcast installed in Garland(a suburb of Dallas) today and it went rather well for the most part. The installer told me right off the bat that HD was not available in my area for right now but would be in a few weeks when Time Warner takes over for Comcast. Well I was not too happy...
  19. mdanderson

    Comcast digital box question

    I recently signed up for Comcast in the Dallas area and I was wondering about the HD digital box that they will be installing next week. What type of digital audio out does it have-coax, optical or both. The other question is on the video out connections. Will it be DVI, component or both? I...
  20. mdanderson

    OTA antenna and Dish 301 receiver

    Can I still use my old Winegard antenna that I got with Voom when I hook my old Dish 301 receiver back up. I was using a diplexer with the Voom receiver but I don't know if the 301 can be used like that. I really do want to run two separate cable from the dish but I thought I might save some...