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  1. TulsaCoker

    February 6th HD Local Channels?

    This is being reported on DirecTV forum web site. Has anyone else heard of the follwing locals being available tomorrow? Take it for what it's worth CITY (DMA) Louisville, KY, (64) Cedar Rapids /...
  2. TulsaCoker

    New HD Channels for 10/17/07

    Well I guess I'll start the thread in what people speculate will come out next week. Here is my guess: HGTV-HD Fox Business - HD Fox Sports Regional (probable 4-6 channels) and FX-HD
  3. TulsaCoker

    HR20 and Message 712 (Searching for Sat)

    Has anyone had issues with the HR20 searching for sat signal on very select channels?. Had the HR20-100 and it only did that on the Local HD where I would get one out of the four networks and it would be different each time. Talked to D* and they sent out a replacement HR20-700 and everything...
  4. TulsaCoker

    Regional Sport Network

    Does anyone know typically how long after the Local HD channels are turned on before D* adds the HD-RSN?