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  1. Weezknight

    On Demand Requirements

    My parents are looking to upgrade their old D* system to give them on-demand options. Does anyone know what receiver is needed? They only view SD, so no need for anything fancy. Also do we need to move their router to the TV location from the computer room or just run a new ethernet cable?
  2. Weezknight

    Best / Easiest way to cancel?

    For anyone who has canceled Dish in the past, is there a special number that makes the whole process painless, or do I need to just take my chances with the regular number? I've heard some horror stories about cancellations going badly, and I'd rather avoid any sort of problems.
  3. Weezknight

    What will they need?

    I'm going to be cancelling my Dish Network subscription next month, and I'm just wondering if they will send someone out to my house to collect anything? I know I have to send the leased receivers back, but will they take the dishes or just the LNB's? Just trying to figure out if I'm going...
  4. Weezknight

    Drift Detected

    Okay, I've had some minimal drift for the past year but I've never had anyone come out to correct it. I just checked to see if it's changed and it is now at -7 / -8 on all 3 of my satellite locations. On 2 of those sats I'm also showing a new entry that starts with the letter "o" I'm guessing...
  5. Weezknight

    Fios Contact Information

    I'm wondering if anyone here has an email address for someone "in the know" at Verizon with regards to Fios. I've felt like I've signed up for their contact list so many times and it's still been 2 years since they said we would be hooked up. All of the neighboring communities are hooked up...
  6. Weezknight

    Dish Billing, How do I love Thee?

    Nothing is more aggravating than trying to figure out how Dish does their billing. I did the 3 months Starz/HBO freebie, so they did a whole bunch of changes/credits, which seemed much more cumbersome than it had to be. Because of the dates that they ran these credits, they ended up charging...
  7. Weezknight

    211 and EHD

    I just saw the thread about hard drive bargains, and I'm wondering, though, what kind of EHD specs I should be looking for if I want to upgrade my 211? Anyone who could give me any idea as to what the various sizes equate to in terms of recordable hours, as well as what kind of connections...
  8. Weezknight

    Sports Package

    I think I've looked pretty thoroughly through Dish Networks' Sports packages, but could someone correct me if I'm wrong? It appears that the only way to get Fox Soccer Channel is through the 250 package or higher. D* offers it through their Sports Pack, but it doesn't look like Dish has this...
  9. Weezknight

    Abbreviated Guide Info

    I'm really getting frustrated with the abbreviated guide info. I'm wondering if this is an E* problem or if this is the guide provider's problem (tribune, I think?). It is almost impossible to search for future recordings when the name of the movie/show has been drastically cut out. It's...
  10. Weezknight

    February HD questions

    Okay I've been away from this site for awhile and I missed all of the new pricing arrangements that were announced. Could someone recap quickly what is going to happen in February? Currently this is how my bill breaks down for my set-up, which includes a 625 & 211. Dish DVR Advantage...
  11. Weezknight

    Big Ten Network

    I'm just wondering why I'm not getting the Big 10 Network anymore? Did it move channels or something and I just can't find it? I currently have the 250 package and I live in Pennsylvania. According to the website I should have it, and I used to, but now I don't see it.
  12. Weezknight

    211 Shipped direct...

    I just ordered a ViP 211 to upgrade my 811. I'm wondering if this is just a simple swap out or if there is anything else I need? I know I'll have to authorize the new receiver when I get it, but I didn't know if installing it is as simple as take the cables out of the 811 and reattach them to...
  13. Weezknight

    Philly Area OTA

    I'm just wondering if anyone has any clue as to why one of my DTV stations will not come in. Here are the stats from Antennaweb: I currently pull in ALL of these stations routinely at 75% to 95% except for WHYY-DT 12.1. I'm wondering why this would be? Channel 6.1 is broadcasting from the...
  14. Weezknight

    OTA vs. Sat HD Local

    Has anyone seen anywhere a comparison of local HD OTA versus the HD locals that E* is offering, in terms of overall quality? A friend of mine just left Comcast and had to start getting his HD OTA, and the difference was noticeable. I'm upgrading to a 211 and I'm just wondering if having the...
  15. Weezknight

    Need Help With Reciever Issue...

    I'm an E* sub, but my parents have been with DirecTV since the PrimeStar days, so I'm not to sure how things work with DirecTV. A few years back they purchased one of the RCA (TiVO) DVR's, but recently it has started giving up the ghost. They are looking to replace it, but it seems everywhere...
  16. Weezknight

    Extra Receiver Fee...

    Does the extra receiver fee only apply to leased receivers? I'm going to upgrade my 811, but I was thinking that if I purchased the 211 that I may avoid the fee.
  17. Weezknight

    Can someone translate this?

    I just went to check MyAccount online with Dish and this is what was listed under the "a la carte" options: Is this list cumulative over the life of your account? The reason I ask is because I'm not getting HBO/SHOW for free right now, and I only have 2 receivers, so why would I have DHA...
  18. Weezknight

    Current Upgrade Deals?

    I know the last round of deals expired in early August, but what are the new deals looking like? Specifically I'm looking to upgrade my 811 to the 211, and then switch over to DVR Advantage with my 625 (if the DVR Ad still exists). Can I still do this? And are there any freebies involved...
  19. Weezknight

    625 Reboot Problem (622 also?)

    For those people who are experiencing the reboot problem on the 625 (and possibly those on the 622). I received the following email back from the CEO email address. I bolded the important part. Hopefully it will be sooner or later, but it's good to know I won't have to ship my receiver back.
  20. Weezknight

    625 - Beginning of the end?

    Over the weekend we began noticing that our 625 was doing self-reboots at various times of the day. When the unit is on there are no problems at all, but I'm wondering if this is not a sign of an imminent failure? Anyone have any experience with phantom reboots on a 625?