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  1. pacificrim

    Salvaged Venture 24" Actuator

    Last week I took down a pretty old Venture 24" actuator that hasn't moved in the last 25 years. I don't know how old it actually is (early 80's?) but I am amazed at how similar it is to my 5 year old Venture 24". The old fiberglass dish and the arm sitting fully retracted for 25 years I took...
  2. pacificrim

    Elevation / Declination Azimuth diagram

    I just wanted thank whoever posted this image here originally It really helped me tweak my dish for the whole arc Ku after I just did some over adjusting. Specifically, I didn't adjust anything else except Declination once I knew saw the picture and compared my situation. CBand was not...
  3. pacificrim

    Corotor II dual on Ebay

    Looks like a good deal for anyone looking for a dual C/Ku setup Chaparral Corotor II C/KU Band Feedhorn - C & KU LNB's & SERVO MOTOR plus extra Ending very, very soon
  4. pacificrim

    Paraclipse 10 mesh

    I might be able to get a Paraclipse 10 that is treed in and still in decent shape. I think the mesh is too big for Ku so I'd want to change it out. Is there a practical alternative that can be used? Aluminum window screen? Anything else that comes in a roll and ships?
  5. pacificrim

    Elevation Actuator - New Actuator(s) Part II

    I took another stroll through Windynation and purchased a 6.25" 12v linear actuator with a 2" extension and momentary DPDT switch to add remote elevation adjustment. It's AWESOME for tweaking those pesky Ku TPs that just need a little bump up or down. I ran 100ft of direct burial CAT5 and used a...
  6. pacificrim

    New 24" Actuator

    I just got a new 24" Windynation actuator from Amazon today. First off I thought I was buying a cheap QARL type Chinese motor, but in fact got what looks very much like a Venture 24" clone. It seems super solid - so far - so good. It doesn't look like the picture in the Amazon ad. It is painted...
  7. pacificrim

    Government of Canada C Band Survey

    I received an email today from the government regarding C Band TVRO use, with links to a survey and mention of a 2022 spectrum auction. Hello/Bonjour: Innovation, Science and Economic Canada (ISED) is in the process of collecting information on satellite dish use for the reception of...
  8. pacificrim

    Venture 24 actuator slack

    My 2 year old Venture 24" Actuator has about 2 "clicks" in either direction worth of slack. I have tried to search but haven't found much here on the subject of repairing excess travel in a Venture actuator. Any suggestions on repairing?
  9. pacificrim

    Solar Outage - As a pointing tool

    I was wondering what my furthest west satellite was, so today I looked up 177w in the solar outage calculator to see what time the sun would be at 177w - it listed it as 5:00pm for my location. At that time I swung my dish all the way until it was eclipsing the center plate. I then noted the...
  10. pacificrim

    New HTPC - Problem solved

    This week I assembled my new HTPC out of an old (2008) HP computer which I upgraded the CPU from a dual core 2.5 to quad core 2.8Ghz ($20 on eBay), added a GTX 1050ti video card and a TBS 8922 card running on Win10. I briefly tried several programs like AltDVB, DVB Dream, EBSPro, but I liked...
  11. pacificrim

    FOR SALE Ku and C Band parts

    I have moved to a polarotor now so I'm selling off my other parts. Chaparral Dual Ortho with 2 Star Track Cband LNBs - $80 - includes shipping in Canada and Continental US Prime Focus Ku C120 Feed, Invacom SNF-031 .3dB and prime focus mount $80 - includes shipping in Canada and...
  12. pacificrim

    Corotor II servo alignment

    I just got a used Corotor II and hooked it up on the bench with my ASC 1. When turned to Horizontal it lines up to a probe support, but at Vertical it is off by about 10 degrees. When it stops a little short the servo motor continues for a brief moment even though the probe has stopped. That is...
  13. pacificrim

    Planning Corotor II install

    I just bought a Chaparral Corotor II on eBay - its in the postal system right now. It comes with Star Track C and Ku Lnb, but I have a couple commercial LNBs - 2x Norsat 8520 and a mystery LNB to pick from and a Norsat 6606Afor Ku, though I'd prefer to find a 4106A or something along its specs...
  14. pacificrim

    Waterlogged C1W-PLL

    My minibud LNB - C1W-PLL filled with water from the insane amount of rain we got yesterday. When it was at my house over the years I had the conical scalar covered in plastic to keep rain out but that didn't get put back when I put it on my workshop. Anyway, it is the most serviceable LNB out...
  15. pacificrim

    Last night's storm

    My new 10ft KTI fitted on the smaller mount made it through 9 hours of 50-70mph winds last night. It could have gone sideways as the elevation nut was mostly unwound this morning from the constant beating. At 49deg north there's not much thread left on the elevation adjustment. I've never...
  16. pacificrim

    Where are all the button-hook dishes?

    I have been reading the Coop's Satellite Digests that were posted up a while ago and couldn't help notice that almost all of the ads in the magazine from all of the various dish companies over the years were of button-hook models. The thing is that I never ever see them, or saw them installed...
  17. pacificrim

    Replacing 7.5ft with 10ft

    I knocked on a door today and got a free 10ft mesh - good shape with what looks like 1 partially torn panel. I don't have pics but will post some when I take it down on Saturday. My current 7.5 is a Unimesh. I'm not sure whose this is but I'm hoping I can mount the new dish on the existing...
  18. pacificrim

    OTHER Receiver for ACM audio

    I've been looking for an inexpensive receiver to get MC channels on 125w. I saw this on ebay but am unsure if the ACM reference is for an eye patch solution and not for ACM audio. Whatcha think? H.265 ACM DVB-S2 Digital Satellite Receiver Dual Dish Tuner IPTV LAN Youtube PVR | eBay I don't...
  19. pacificrim

    OTHER X2 M1HD Firmware?

    The X2 website links to the M1HD firmware are broken. Does anyone have firmware for this unit? I just fixed the STB I ordered last year - it was putting out 15.5 volts or so on vertical polarity, making it impossible to get vertical channels. I tossed it in a recycle pile for a year until...
  20. pacificrim

    FOR SALE Satlink WS-6906

    I just posted it to Ebay. The Buy It Now is $50 CDN - which is only $37 USD Admin Note: Fixed Link.