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    Questions on putting your account on hold

    I was wondering if this is something you can still do now that the equipment is leased instead of owned. I have 4 receivers with 3 of them being wireless minis( I guess they are genies, I can record on all 4). Would I be able to pause the service and then restart service later keeping all 4...
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    How many of you have to pay for your additional genie's each month?

    Just curious if most of you have to pay monthly for additional boxes that you have? I signed up 18 months ago for 24 months that includes 4 boxes with no additional charge. Just wondered what my chances are for that continuing beyond the 24 months. I guess I dont even have to pay a dvr monthly...
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    SEC Network overflow channels

    I dont currently see any SEC overflow channels. I do see the BTN overflow(alternate) channels. I wonder where the SEC overflow channels are at? I have the choice package but I'm sure that doesnt matter. I've used the SEC overflow channels during CFB season for years. Thanx for any help.
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    Xtra and sportspack

    I have choice. CBSSN is not in the sportspack right? Only in xtra and above? How much more per month is extra than choice?
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    Does Dish offer $100 for referral when you signup for Dish?

    Does Dish give you and the person who referred you $100?
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    Does DTV offer $100 referral

    Do you and the person who referred you get $100 if I order DTV service as a new customer? Local dealer telling me no.
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    Quick question

    Does a wireless mini cost the same per month as a non wireless?
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    Is there a non whole home dvr with DTV?

    I will be getting DTV next week. I dont need whole home dvr. Do they still charge you an extra $15 fee for having a dvr even if isnt whole home? I will have a 4 HDTV setup. I just need a regular dvr and as cheap a monthly dvr and extra receiver's setup as I can get. Thank you so much for any help.
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    Are there cheaper DTV DVR options than the Genie?

    If I want a 4 TV HD setup is there any cheaper DVR option with DTV than the genie?
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    HELP! Dish wants to charge me a $150 activation fee

    I use to be with Dish and have decided I want like to have tv again. They are wanting to charge me a $150 activation fee. I left Dish in good standing, I was in autopay, and of course I never missed a payment or had a late fee. I was with them 2.25 years and was not in contract and sent back the...
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    How much is the sports pack?

    Normally? Thanx.
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    Are 2 tvs included with the dvr? both HD?

    I was wondering if 2 tvs are included if you get a dvr? And are they both in HD?
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    CBSNN,FS1 questions

    If I order the top 120 plus and the multi sports pak, will I get CBSNN and FS1? Or do I need to get the top 200?