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  1. Sphagnum

    Cinemax penny deal ending??

    Not sure it matters, one cents or twelve cents a year doesn't make much difference to me ;-)
  2. Sphagnum

    Cinemax penny deal ending??

    I don't know that I ever got a letter (my wife gets the mail), but I've had Cinemax for like 2 years now (and going) for a penny a month. Keep waiting for it to suddenly jump.
  3. Sphagnum

    TurboHD VS VOOM

    Wow, another "I want voom" thread..... PULEEEAAAZE! Voom sucked, it's gone, get over it!
  4. Sphagnum


    This is great for everyone involved. It will provide options for current XM/siri subscribers, as both companies would have failed if the merger were delayed longer or not approved, it is great for the shareholders, who would have lost everything when the companies went under, and it's great for...
  5. Sphagnum

    Locked channels not asking for password, displayed in SD

    So I have Cinemax in HD (DishHD package) and I locked out the Max channel (310) so that only Max-W shows up in my programming guide. (Just trying to get rid of duplicate channels) I locked the channel and then under "Locks" in the menu, told it not to display locked channels. But my confusion is...
  6. Sphagnum

    Anyone Else Getting Audio Dropouts on Prelude to the Dream?

    Rats, I forgot to watch it.... Sorry, can't help.
  7. Sphagnum

    Why so many duplicate HD channels; which ones to use?

    No, the 9xxx numbers are the ones that stay. The channels that disappear are the 3 digit "mapdown" channels. I thought what you thought too until I tried it. I did this on my 622 and since almost all my timers are set for th 3 digit channels, all my timers got deleted and I had to go set them...
  8. Sphagnum

    Why so many duplicate HD channels; which ones to use?

    Yeah, I've always found it annoying to have to scroll through the AllHD channel lineup essentially seening every channel twice....
  9. Sphagnum

    Can Dish wait to add more HD

    ...You take yourself WAY too seriously! 99% of the Dish subscribers out there aren't waiting on bated breath for more HD channels... Yes, you love HD and I love HD and we both don't wanna watch anything BUT HD.. but even I am plenty happy with what HD I have now and waiting patiently for the...
  10. Sphagnum

    Indy 500 in HD

    Ah, well that's good to hear. I know I sure liked it... it works well in a racing format!
  11. Sphagnum

    Any E* customers hear audio problems on Disney HD channel?

    Haha, I heard that couple of days ago and started freaking out that my speakers were blown or something.... almost sounded like blown speakers, but not really. Heard it twice in Disney and actually heard it once yesterday, for like 10 seconds, on FOX during the Nascar race...
  12. Sphagnum

    Indy 500 in HD

    Nascar did pilot that program last year on one of the bigger races, I can't remember which one, last year. I think it was when TNT had the broadcast, but it might have been ESPN at the end of the year, can't remember for sure... I can only assume that it was a success and so they tried it on...
  13. Sphagnum

    Cinemax hd west problem?

    Didn't notice it myself, I'd imagine it will just go away on its own shortly...
  14. Sphagnum

    Help please!!

    You are running a coaxial cable from your 722 to your new TV? Why don't you run an HDMI cable or some other connection from your 722 so that you can use the coaxial for your OTA antenna? Either that or you could just buy a simple A/B switch and plug both into the switch, plug the switch into...
  15. Sphagnum


    I got 25-30 bucks a month "credit" by upgrading to DishHD package :D
  16. Sphagnum

    New SD/HD channels at 1:39pm PDT

    Haha, thanks for the great info ;) I just wanted to make sure I wasn't just slower than your average bear......
  17. Sphagnum

    if downgrading to hd only

    I haven't gotten my first bill since my change, but the CSR didn't say anything about a $5 charge.. grrr....
  18. Sphagnum

    New SD/HD channels at 1:39pm PDT

    Call me stupid, but I'm not sure what exactly this means. Is this an indication that we might be getting 20 new national HD channels in the near future?
  19. Sphagnum

    if downgrading to hd only

    as an aside, I wouldn't call it a "downgrade" Personally, I only gained channels to watch. SD channels were practically worthless for me anyway, and I picked up a handful of new HD channels. DishHD was an UPGRADE for me :D
  20. Sphagnum

    ABC-HD The Incredibles OAR. ABCFamily HD NOT??? LMAO!

    I tuned into that show, saw that it wasn't in HD, was disgusted, and turned it off. I can barely stand watching SD shows anymore on my TV when there is plenty of entertaining HD content... but to tune into an HD channel with a movie that is easily shown in HD (because of it's recent release)...