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    VOD not working on Hopper 3

    I am unable to record VOD on the Hopper 3. I can select a program to record and hit OK, but nothing happens and I don't get an error message. Oddly I can record the same VOD program on either Joey. Anybody have any ideas as to what is going on.
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    Picture freezing on one hopper, possibe node problem?

    I have a Hopper 1 and Hopper 2 along with a Joey. The Hopper 1 picture will freeze often, usually to the point on being usable. When the Joey is linked to the Hopper 1 it will also experience freezing but works find linked to the HWS. Troubleshooting steps that I have tried. When I switched...
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    How Can You Cancel A Ppv Movie

    Sorry if this has bee asked before, but does anyone know how to cancel a future PPV movie? My wife accidentally ordered a PPV movie scheduled for next week. The move is also on a premium channel we already pay for. I canceled the timer it setup but I see no way of removing it from the list of...
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    Inactivity / screen saver timer

    My wife wants movies copied to DVD so she can watch them on her portable DVD player. I did this regularly on my 622 but this is the first I've tried on the hopper. I tried copying the Sound of Music which is 3 hours. (about 2 hr 55 min more than I could take) I set the inactivity time out to...
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    How to edit program title

    Often CBS runs late onSunday due to sports so part of the Mentlist is cut off. To solve this problem I create manual timerson my second hopper. Now I get theMentalist but the icon and the name is of the news program that follows. I want to rename it back to the Mentalist andput in an episode...
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    EHD transfer problem

    I have a large number of programs on my hopper which I cannot transfer to my EHD because they don't show up when trying to transfer. Most were recorded using PAT and been saved more than 8 days, some several months. When just looking at the shows they appear but when selecting transfer they...
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    SD Format stuck on strech

    :( I have been having formatting issue with my HWS. When viewing either an SD channel or viewing an SD recording the format from the HWS is stuck on stretch. When I try to change the format with the format button while viewing an SD program the only thing that happens is the banner comes on...
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    ERROR code 120

    I have gotten this error several times on my hopper but never on my HWS. "Error code 120 "You can not receive this channel outside the designated viewing area" It appears inside a gray box with the rest of the screen showing a normal picture. So far it has only occurred on KDKA Channel 2...
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    Is PPV site having problems

    I have been trying to rent a move today using one of my free PPV coupons. When ever I select the move, The Next Three Days, I get the following message. "The system is currently unavailable, please try again later. " Has anyone else been having the same problem?
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    Dish Plus mounting question

    Can a Dish 500/1000 Plus be installed either without the 2 support braces or with the braces angling down to a level near where the dish base mounts to the wall? My current dish 500 is mounted on the side of my house on the foundation blocks with the dish itself extending above the vinyl siding...
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    118.75 angle question

    I am in the Pittsburgh market and set up an install of 118.75 for my HD locals. The installer came today and said he couldn't install the dish 1000+ because there was a tree that would block the signal. I have a clear line of side to 110 and 119 now with nothing to block the signal in between...
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    GI 2750R favorite channels help

    I bought a used GI 2750R without a manual to replace my dead Uniden 4800. I figured out how to program in new satellite positions but I can't for the life of me figure out how to add or even move existing favorite channels. I can add a new channel to the system and name it but don't know what...