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    No AutoHop on new Hopper 3 for me?

    thomasjk "all others next day" is not correct as the autohop feature only works on the four major networks. I have had my Hopper3 for approximately 3 months. I use the autohop option all the time and it works flawlessly. I can start a show and set down my remote until it is over. Instead of...
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    New Customer - Impression After One Week!

    The autohop feature is certainly not a gimmick. Along with the 16 inputs it is one of my favorite functions. I use it all the time for recorded network shows. We end up frequently watching a show from beginning to end without even touching the remote control. Try it I think you will like it! It...
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    Hopper 3 remote question

    You should not need a new Harmony remote. I have a Harmony 650 remote. A couple of months ago I upgraded from a 722K to a Hopper3. My harmony works just fine with the hopper. I did not make any changes to the harmony set up screens. The harmony setting in the software setup for the dish...
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    ESPN 1080p HD?

    If you are sitting 10 feet or more away from your television screen and said screen is 50 inches or smaller you cannot tell the difference between 720p and 1080p.
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    Report DISH Guide Issues HERE

    Guide data for channel 4.1 needs to be mapped down to channel 11. 2. This station is in Fargo, ND. (KX4C)
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    Need OTA Guide info updated - DIRT member?

    My local CBS affiliate (Fargo, ND) changed their OTA channel number from 4.1 to 11.2 effective January 1st of this year. However, the guide information for 11.2 just says " Digital Service." I have talked to one of the station's engineers and he states that they are forwarding the correct...
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    dishstandsbyyou gives you a great credit for fox dispute

    I would pay Dish $50 to keep Fox off their programming.
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    Episode # ?

    By the way, you probably didn't miss much excitement as Spieth won by 10 strokes!
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    Episode # ?

    For events such as this golf coverage, under "Frequency" I click "Once" rather than "New Episodes." Works fine.
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    BTN Network

    When my guide is set to "all channels" I do not have any programming on channel 405. If BTN means big 10 network it is located at channel 410. Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!
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    Lite Gray Text Complaint

    The light grey text on the reader is quite difficult to read. I would hope that you could make it more readable by darkening it or changing the color of the text. I doubt that I am in the minority of people that would have this opinion. Posted Via The FREE SatelliteGuys Reader App!
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    Problem with pause & rewind/skip back this morning.

    You have to wait approximately 10 seconds when you switch channels before the pause function will work.
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    HBO On Demand bug..."rented" shows disappear overnight instead of expiring in 30 days

    I think the problem you have is that when you select a movie or television show it is only available for viewing for 30 days. You mentioned that you started to watch an episode of Deadwood but did not finish it and it disappeared. I think that is because once you start to view a movie you have...
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    Channel Unrequest Thread - The Animal Planet

    I occasionally watch this channel. Is there someone forcing you to watch? You need to setup your favorites list and then you won't accidentally stumble on this channel.
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    Free ppv movie

    I received my second pay per view coupon on November 27th. It does not expire until February 25th, 2014. Seems like plenty of time to use the coupon to me. You can use it to pay for any movie up to $6.99.
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    Hey DISH, Improve Your Picture Quality

    Rented "2 Guns" (1080p) a couple of nights ago and the picture quality was great and the sound was excellent.
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    ENCORE networks are about to launch classic TV hits. What do you all think of this move ?

    If you read the links in the original post, you would see that the two new rebranded Encore channels are both going to be broadcast in HD.
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    My Pay Per View Certificates

    When you order a pay per view movie you have from 3 to 6 months to watch the movie. It doesn't matter if you charge the movie to your dish account or a pay per view free certificate. You just need to order the movies before the certificates expire.
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    Sunday nights on CBS and Fox

    As mentioned earlier, it is a very simple solution at least with my 722 K receiver. I just record the news broadcast following the game and if the game runs significantly over I just record the next 1/2 hour.
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    What happens to those dishes?

    4 cents worth? Looks more like $2.00 worth to me.