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    Hotel Media channels on 101

    Guys, I think you may have misunderstood my question. I am receiving Hist and Bio itc on 101. The meat of my question was why are the Hotel Media channels on "the list" as fta when they are encrypted by PowerVu? I figurd that they were not available as fta itc. (except Hist and Bio). Just...
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    Hotel Media channels on 101

    I can recieve the audio on these channels w/ my openbox s9 but video is scrambled. I am confused. These channels are listed in the ku fta section but listed as encrypted by powervu. I guess my question is, are they in the clear (recievable w/o subscription)? If so, why can't I recieve them? If...
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    free cinemax weekend

    While watching a movie on the free cinemax weekend I started to thinking: I wonder if I could recieve these channels on my fta setup. Soooo ... I went and scanned 110/119. (I have an invacom lnb.) No dice. Now I am wondering, why? If these channels are basically in the clear for suscribers, why...