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  1. shadyB

    Many Rutgers fans may not be able to see bowl game

    Tough situation for Rutgers, one moment you are a play away from winning in triple overtime and going to the Orange bowl. The next moment you end up in the Texas bowl that is being carried by the NFL Network.
  2. shadyB

    Boise State Says No to ESPN

    I am happy to see that Boise State has the guts to stand up to ESPN/ABC/Disney and their "my way or the highway" approach to college football. It is too bad this game will not be nationally televised now, I was looking forward to watching some of it...
  3. shadyB

    HR10-250 Question

    I have just installed my HR10-250 and have a question regarding the aspect ratio. The HD-DVR is connected to a 4:3 ratio HD TV through the component cables. When I am watching an HD channel in the 480i or 480p format, the image appears on the screen in leterbox format with a gray box above and...