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    HR54 or HS17

    I've had an HS17 for more than three years with no complaints. That said, for your purpose it seems like you'd want to go with the 54 but I would inquire about getting a C61K for the 4K TV. If they're going to ding you with a new contract over that, you might want to do some negotiating before...
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    Again, if you understood how websites, especially ones as large as Directv's, you'd know why. I tried explaining it but you don't seem to care. So, here's my last word on this. It's an orphaned page from 2007 or so and hasn't been updated since. The copyright date is completely irrelevant. It...
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    For the home market people that aren't home or in front of a TV. They can't legally just stream these things into any market they want.
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    I'm a web designer. The top and bottom of the pages (header and footer) are independent and the dates for copyright are scripted to change to the current year. That page is ancient. If you look at the fine print there's a copyright for Showtime of 2007. There is nothing new on that page and it's...
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    The logo in the header is new but the DIRECTV HD logo is very, very old and predates ATT.
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    That page is ancient. Look at the logo.
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    It's Free NFL Sunday Ticket Time Again!

    I wouldn't worry about that. I didn't get one either. Channel 112 took about 2 minutes to show the authorized banner and that only happened after I reset the receiver. If your account is showing it as part of your programming at zero cost you should be good to go.
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    Anyone get an External Hard Drive to work on Genie 2

    I think you just made the argument against them. The HS17 has a 2TB drive that I have never even come close to filling up in more than 3 years. I have recordings set for a lot of stuff but I find myself just using the Roku apps for most of the stuff I wind up watching. There is simply not enough...
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    Online Account Access Outage?

    Yesterday I noticed that I couldn't watch on my Android phone. Not the end of the world but while trying to reconnect it, I kept getting errors saying I wasn't authorized. When I got home, I tried to access my account online and I was locked out. One call after another and one bogus temp...
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    Center Ice Online?

    They do not. Same with the other sports packages. They all have apps to use and can be activated using your Directv credentials.
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    Deals for long term customers?

    I've been a customer for 13 years. While I've been very successful in keeping my bill well below what it would be without discounts, some periods have been better than others. Everyone has to make their own choices, but I'd make some very careful calculations about what you watch and what it...
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    Discovery Plus

    Again, nothing to do with Directv and MSNBC is most certainly in HD on channel 356. Those networks are not exclusive to anyone and this is just an additional distribution method.
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    Discovery Plus

    What exactly does this have to do with Directv? It's a separate streaming service.
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    Directv App vs. Dish Anywhere

    The distinction here is home wifi versus somewhere else. Yes, there are restrictions on what you can watch if you're not on the same network as the receiver. As long as you're actually home you can watch anything on the app that you subscribe to.
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    AT&T disappointed with offers for struggling DirecTV

    Strange...the link took me to an older article on this topic and now it's going to the new one. Caching issue, perhaps.
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    AT&T disappointed with offers for struggling DirecTV

    That article is almost three months old. With things moving as quickly as they do in this industry, I'd wait before making any judgements on what's going to happen.
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    Which receiver do I need for samsung Q80T?

    The difference in picture quality between the Fox NFL broadcasts on Thursday night on 4K is like night and day. I'm not sure what you want them to expand as far as 4K They carry everything that's available and there's no extra charge for it. I have no complaints.
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    No more auto renew on NFLST or is this article BS?

    There are consumer protection laws regarding this kind of thing. Again, this is about the many subs that were just given ST without requesting it. That is much different than calling in and asking for it. In my experience, when I did call and was successful I was always told it would auto-renew...
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    No more auto renew on NFLST or is this article BS?

    Many of us received Sunday Ticket this year free of charge without asking for it. That is way different than people calling and asking for deals and getting it for free. There's no way it's going to auto renew for a fee. ATT would find themselves in some serious hot water if they tried that.
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    Which receiver do I need for samsung Q80T?

    If you want to watch DTV 4K, you'll need a C61K to go along with the HR54. There will be a monthly charge for it and I don't know if it kicks in a new contract. If you can live without it, you're all set.